• Home Catalog: Zoe Latta

    Zoe Latta is the 24-year-old founder of PRINCE RUTH, a design studio based out of Brooklyn, NY.  Get to know the girl behind the textiles and find out the process that went into Scandances, the bedding and home goods collaboration we recently did with her!

    Introduce yourself!
    My name is Zoe Latta. I'm from Northern California. I'm 24 and I live and work in Brooklyn, NY. I founded PRINCE RUTH in 2010 as a design studio that generates textiles aiming to transcend conventional notions of materials, imagery, pattern and texture. 

    Scandances by Prince Ruth Print 509 Tapestry

    Where did the name Prince Ruth come from, since your name is not Ruth?
    Ruth is my middle name and also my grandmother's name. I named the company Prince Ruth to serve as a pseudonym for this facet of my practice, as an alternate character, a peddling prince.

    How did you become interested in textiles?

    My father is a jeweler, so the mindset of creating ornamental yet functional things was definitely part of my conditioning. I also grew up in a town that has a lot of refuse textiles, antique traders, and hippie importers. As a result, I have always been fascinated with fabric—it's function, provenance and tactility. After dropping out of high school, I spent most of my time thrift shopping, drawing, and taking art history courses. It seemed a natural extension to apply to RISD, which I did. After being accepted, I enrolled in printmaking, but switched into the textiles department because I realized that I wanted to produce work that people could physically interact with. After RISD, I got a job at the Ratti Textiles Center at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. While I was there, being inspired by centuries of swatches, I started PRINCE RUTH.

    Scandances by Prince Ruth Print 532 & 507 Duvet Cover

    What are some of your favorite types of textile patterns?
    Nathalie du Pasquier's prints with the Memphis Group, Gary Panter's sets for PeeWee's play house, and Atelier and École Martine prints (Paul Poiret and Raoul Dufy's school for "young girls without formal artistic training"). I just got back from Marrakesh and I am currently obsessed with Boucherouite rugs.

    How do you create your patterns for Prince Ruth?

    I usually try to generate imagery in diverse ways, from drawing to painting to photographs, and then use what I come up with to create unique patterns.

    Scandances by Prince Ruth Print 546 Curtain

    How do you know when a pattern is done?
    It just is!

    What are some of your favorite color combinations?

    Dirty soft pink, baby poop green, poppy red, almost black green, and acidic yellow.

    What is your favorite font?
    I can't remember its name. Something soviet. I'm usually a sans-serif person, but recently serifs are catching my eye and making me feel serious (in a really good way). 

    Scandances by Prince Ruth Print 71 & 513 Pillow

    How would you describe your patterns?
    I don’t know if I can answer this question. Each print is its own exploration. I see PRINCE RUTH more as a sum of many parts, references, and ideas, the result being more sensational than explainable.

    Tell us about your collaboration with UO. What is it?
    PRINCE RUTH and Urban Outfitters have joined forces to make a line of bedding and home goods called Scandances. For this specific collaboration, I digitally manipulated my own patterns and ready made textiles with a scanner, and then used those images to create repeats. 

    Scandances by Prince Ruth Print 77 Sham

    How is it different from the other stuff you do? How is it similar?
    I usually design for fashion applications and work at a much smaller scale. Some of the prints in this Scandances collection were originally developed to be very small. It's mind blowing to see an image that was originally three inches wide the size of a queen-sized comforter.