• Hilarious People: John Mulaney

    Since it's LOLZ month here at the blog, of course we need to talk about stand-up. Whenever I hear someone say that they hate stand-up, I know that they must be a robot. Stand-up is the best! Sure, sucky stand-up is sucky, but good stand-up just leads to laughing, and what's not to like about that? John Mulaney is one of those non-sucky comedians. After watching this clip of his stand-up special New In Town, don't be surprised at how much you find yourself singing, "Because we're Delta airlines, and life is a fucking nightmare!" If you're into what you see, then beg NBC to pick up Mulaney's self-titled show for this fall—the man writes Stefon, so you know it's gonna be good. (Update: His show totally didn't get picked up, damn it!) —Katie