• Happenings: You & Baggu

    To celebrate our new exclusive collaboration with Baggu, we're throwing a party in NYC and you're invited! We caught up with Baggu founder Emily Sugihara and asked her to introduce the collection and spill the contents of her own Baggu (or six)!

    Hi Emily! How would you describe Baggu in a nutshell (or small pouch!)? 
    We are a brand that puts a tremendous effort into making bags more simple!

    What would we find in your Baggu?
    Ha, definitely more bags! I always have a leather pouch filled with my fave lip balm (Earth Tu Face), hand lotion (Aesop), and sunscreen (headhunter); two or three of the Standard Baggu shopping bags, and a 3D Zip bag with an extra pair of shoes. I also usually have a small knitting project—I like to keep my hands busy during meetings. Right now I'm making some deeply weird angora mittens.

    Tell us about the new collection you have created with Urban Outfitters… 
    We were so super excited about the latest Urban collection. We played with a lot of fun patterns both on canvas and leather: Eyes, waves and leopard and snake prints. I love how the vibe of the Duck Bag and leather styles seem more playful or serious totally based on the prints.

    What's your favorite Baggu style at the moment? 
    I've been rocking the Basic Tote for the past year, but I just switched to a Duck Bag this week, because it finally started raining here in California.

    What are some of the people, places and things that inspire your bags? 
    Japan! The Japanese have mastered the art of simplicity. We have some old field guides with animal illustrations that have been awesome inspiration for the animal prints. People: The team here! We are mostly designing to fill our own needs.

    How has Baggu grown and evolved since you founded the brand in 2007? 
    So much! In the last seven years we have done a ton of experimentation, both with products and the way we run the company. Every time we make something new, we learn. I feel like we really know who we are and what we want to make now. We are way more focused.

    What are your current obsessions? 
    Surfing, surfing, surfing, surfing, surfing, surfing, surfing, surfing, surfing!!! 

    What can't you live without? 
    Projects! I'm happiest when I'm making things. Right now I'm focused on re-modeling the inside of our van.