• UO Happenings: Rock County Folk Symposium Recap

    At the end of August each year, the Rock County Folk Symposium takes place in Janesville, Wisconsin - it's a way for locals to celebrate their heritage, experience nature and convene with talented artists and musicians. As each summer wanes the members of the Wisconsin Heritage Foundation gather on the banks of the Rock River to bring their vision of an all-inclusive festival to life. The festival celebrates much more than music - Wisconsin traditions such as butter sculpting, innovative brewing, agricultural prowess and water sports are also at the forefront. Located at the historic Camp Rotamer, artists travel from across the country to transform the camp into an immersive 24-hour experience. Read on to see some pics we snapped at the event to show off the artists, innovators and musicians that gathered there.
    Photos by Spencer Wells

    Adelyn Rose jamming out during their set.

    Artist Gerri Witthuhn returned to Wisconsin from California to create the stage and two other central art pieces as part of Team Forest Freaq.

    Tyler Hart of Softly, Dear having a moment with his girlfriend during a break between sets.

    Festival organizer Jackie Kursel relaxing on the dock of Spaulding Pond.

    Artist Kenny Monroe constructing his instagram diorama installation.

    Jackie enjoying a beer in the Parker Lodge.

    A big rain cloud came during Sayth’s set but his good vibes cleared up the sky.

    Whilden Hughes VI of Double Ewes pounding in stakes to help Dan Ryan of Sperry Tents set up.

    Grace, a Minnesota native but longtime Wisconsin resident, proudly displaying her level two antidote.

    Captain James Frederick flees angry hornets after a failed extermination attempt.

    Surveying the grounds of Camp Rotamer.

    Wisconsin Heritage Foundation Board Member Kyle Pfister deep in thought while preparing the Antidote.

    Sayth and Wealthy Relative bringing art rap to the stage.

    Jerrie and fellow artist Matt Riley (AKA The Butter Devil) circled up in the Lavender Tent late at night.

    Festival organizer Wyndham Manning IV helping Thax Douglas board a canoe.

    Festival organizer Amanda Kievet basking in the glow of another successful year.

    Rock County Folk Symposium

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