• Graceland: Asheville, North Carolina

    After many a day at many a Days Inn, it came as quite a relief to spend a few days at Cassie's aunt's house in Asheville, North Carolina. Their house, perched among the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, provided us with an extremely well - received change from the highway side motel windows that we've become so accustomed to. Our lovely friend Saree came out from Chicago for the remainder of our trip back to New York, and it seems pretty safe to say that adding a third member to our party did a lot to bring some real-world sanity back to the two of us. As a trio, we discovered Sliding Rock-an amazing natural water slide and swimming hole at the base of some pretty majestic falls. Though it was hard to say goodbye to the home cooking and satelite TV, we packed up the Jeep to head for Summersville, West Virginia. Stay tuned to see if the town lives up to its alluring moniker!
    C & C