• Governor's Ball Festival: Photo Diary

    When the Governor's Ball Music Festival rolled around, at first I was like "YAY!" but then I was like "Oh, shit, rain?" And I mean, serious raaain. Like, thunderstorms and "possible electrocution on stage" rain. So, I reluctantly (but, safely) gave the middle finger to Day 1 of Governor's Fest. It was hard folks, but the good news is I'm alive to tell you about what happened on Day 2 and 3! Here's what went down.Hazel

    When I got to the festival early Saturday, the ground around the stages basically looked like this:

    But it was all good! Whether people were barefoot, in water shoes, or rubber boots, everybody seemed to be dealing with the foot of sludge that covered the island in their own special way. This was not the festival to show off your white jellies or velvet Docs. Walking around, I kept being reminded of the scene in the Neverending Story when Atreyu has to let Artax sink/die in the mud. Whoa, dark?

    But things perked up during Wild Nothing, who was first on my list! I've been playing their latest album Empty Estate a lot lately. They played a mix of oldies and new material and it was a pretty chill start to a high energy-filled festival day.

    Then it was on to Icona Pop, who put on an insanely awesome show. There were such "BFF forever" vibes throughout the whole show as they recounted to the audience how they met a few years ago at a party and started making music together. Even though the ground was sticky there was plenty of dancing. 

    Not to mention their outfits were great, but what else would you expect from Icona Pop? I snapped this pic of Caroline looking extremely shiny. If you touched her, do you think she'd crackle?

    As I was making my way to another stage, I passed by the "Silent Disco." Basically, you go inside the hay-lined venue, put on some headphones, and dance to the music with others listening to the same song. For anyone without headphones, it just looks like a bunch of people dancing in silence. It definitely seemed interesting but I passed up the experience for communal live music sharing!

    Next up was the Dirty Projectors who were amazing live. They were one of my favorite acts of the weekend because they sounded even better live than their recordings!

    Here's Amber being cuter and more talented than the entire crowd combined. She sang my favorite Dirty Projectors song, "The Socialites," during the show. So good!

    After the Dirty P's I high-tailed super early over to the stage where Azealia Banks would be, because I knew I wanted to get a good spot. I ended up behind what sounded like THE biggest Azealia fans of all time. One of them even had his hair dyed with aquamarine tips for ultimate mermaid vibes. Every time a dancer came out they screamed (emphasis on SCREAMED) super loudly and they kept harassing DJ Cosmo to get on stage and play some music. She was a little late coming out on stage, which got us all a little antsy, but when she came out and started with "Atlantis" the crowd went bananas. Also, she looked like an orange Power Ranger. Ugh, she is just too cool. 

    I ended Day 2 (or, Day 1 for me) with Animal Collective, who I hadn't seen since their Merriweather Post Pavilion Tour. I got stuck next to some young, stoned, tween boys who had never heard of them before and as a longtime AnCo fan, it was fun to hear their thought process during the show. "I dunno man, Mark said this band was mad funny." "Wait, what is this? I can't dance to this." "I think they made this music on a lot of drugs. Mad respect." Aw, cute!

    On Day 3 I started with Haim. I live for their warrior-woman rock and seeing them live is a must. In addition to being powerful rock goddesses, they were also hilarious on stage, especially Este, who told the audience a story about a guy refusing her number after hearing she had an "818" (aka, the Valley) number. They also threatened dudes who were whistling at them from the crowd. Such badasses! 

    Then I caught a bit of The Cold War Kids. It was majorly hot but the crowd powered through their set, which had the band jumping all over the stage.

    Then it was Deerhunter, another one of my favorites from the festival. Before the show began, Bradford Cox told everyone a fun fact: electricity is created with the remains of our dead ancestors. Then he vowed to shoot some of that dead ancestor energy out onto us, the crowd, with Deerhunter's music. He shredded through some of the band's newer material ending with an insane version of "Monomania" that seemed like it lasted for hours and ended with Cox "jerking off" his guitar as he writhed on the ground. Needless to say, the band's set was awesome.

    Then I saw a bit of Beirut...

    ...and it was on to Grizzly Bear, which was so crowded that I couldn't even get a picture of the band that would be worth posting here. Here's a pic of Edward Droste on the big screen though. I luv u, Drosty. That's my nickname for him that he's currently unaware of. Droste if you're reading this, let's be friends.

    And then, that was that! A sometimes grueling, but mostly awesome "island adventure." Governor's Fest was rad and I can't wait to see who's playing next year!