• Got It Together: John Mayer

    John Mayer has been kind of a butt in recent years. When he started out, he was just a sweet little dweebo wearing cargo pants and rocking a $10 Supercuts haircut. A few years ago, he basically couldn't take a step without putting his foot in his mouth like an idiot, or ruining a new relationship (he was totes the 2008 male version of 2012 Taylor Swift), or just being a general annoyance. But then he fucked up his throat and moved to Montana and now I guess he's on crack (he's not on crack). Rolling Stone recently put up this interview with him and, aside from all the weird hats and denim, it seems like John Mayer might have actually gotten his shit together. He's almost... boring now. But hey, if that keeps him from acting like a drunk frat boy, more power to him.—Katie