• Going Behind the Scenes with Starter + UO

    We’re so excited to have teamed up with Selah Marley  — daughter of Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley and granddaughter of Bob Marley (!) — for our new collection with Starter
    We photographed Selah with her little brother Josh — both siblings are no stranger to growing up in the public eye, but we’re so excited to see and follow them as they step out on their own. 

    19 year old Selah has had a busy September — this month she walked shows for NYFW (she’s also modeled for Kanye West’s Yeezy line, Chanel, and Calvin Klein), and dropped “Breathe,” her first single (you can listen to it here), which she produced with Kyle Provencio Reingold and Brooklyn rapper IDKHIM (Chuma Osse), who she met on a school panel at NYU.

    Selah explains she’s been writing music since she was seven but “hid her talents from her legendary family for years, working to overcome the pressure of emerging from such a large shadow. But now she's ready to step out on her own.” (via W)

    She explains, “My music is super vulnerable, raw, and intimate… I have a super deep passion for music but no one would ever know that because it’s not something I show to the public. But when I do do something music-related, it’s very deep…For me, music is a very unconscious thing. It’s something I just feel, I just do.”

    We first interviewed Selah last year (you can read the initial interview here), right after she moved to NYC. Read the interview to go deeper on Selah's thoughts on love, self-expression, and gratitude. She says it best — "I'm really just looking forward to life, although it sounds cliché. I feel like new opportunities unfold in front of my eyes everyday that I can't even predict. I'm excited for everything that is on my path... I'm not sure what will happen, but it feels good. I'm really ready to start pursuing my artistic career and let that side of myself shine through because it's something I've kept hidden for a very long time."

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