• Girl Power: It's Ladies Night

    If the '80s launched hip-hop, then the '90s launched the female-rapper. Here's a legion of ladies who didn't take shit from anybody, wore whatever they wanted and who should definitely be on the soundtrack for your next girl's night out.—Kate 

    TLC: Yes, what about your friends? T-Boz, Left Eye and Chili knew that central essence of girl power is being there for your girls, and also wearing really awesome poufy hats or occasionally silky pajamas. 

    Lil Kim: Before Lil Kim jumped on the plastic surgery bandwagon, she was a seriously cute Biggie Smalls' protege with a dirty mouth and a penchant for pasties. The color scheme alone in this video is enough to make it a classic. 

    Da Brat: Sadly, not many people seem to remember Da Brat, even though she was the first female rapper to have a platinum-selling album. This video is just amazing, from her motocross suit to riding the hood of a semi-truck like the total bad-ass that she was. 

    Missy Elliot: The combo of Missy and Timbaland is unstoppable. Just watch this video, and you'll instantly understand where Nicki Minaj got pretty much her entire act. Also, music video budgets in the '90s were apparently HUGE.

    Ladies Night: And finally, here is where it all comes together. What girl from the '90s doesn't remember "It's ladies night what/Must be Angie on the mic"? And then Angie Martinez went on to have hits such as...um... Anyways, the scuba-diving scene in this vid is my favorite. Can you imagine sitting on a beach, and Lil Kim comes up out of the water wearing flippers? No.