• Get Gifted: Hazel's Wish List!

    Get Gifted: Hazel's Wish List

    When I set out to make this wish list, I started thinking about the best part of the holidays: winter. My favorite part of winter is that sometimes it snows and I like to stare at it wistfully from my bedroom window while wearing a sweater over a sweater with a sweater draped over my shoulders. Here are some items I'd like to surround myself with while gazing wistfully. —Hazel

    1. Glasser Interiors

    This was one of my favorite albums of the year. I can't imagine how good Glasser's futuristic, synth-driven, minimalist sophomore album must sound on vinyl. (Just kidding, I can guess: it'll sound beautiful.)

    2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8
    An Instagram is just an Instagram...but Polaroids are forever. Gimme this mini Fujifilm Instax Mini to document my cute life, please.

    3. The Riot Grrrl Collection

    As someone who's done research in the actual Fales Riot Grrrl Zine Collection, I am dying to get my hands on this book which includes zines from the archives of Kathleen Hanna, Sheila Heti, Johanna Fateman and more.

    4. Mermaid's Kiss Perfume
    I don't know exactly what a mermaid's kiss smells like, but I want to smell like one. Thank god this perfume has some smooches bottled up for me. Wait--how'd they do that?

    5. Lime Crime Cosmic Glitter in Taurus
    I am all about Glitter with a capital G. On your eyes, in your hair, on your bod, wherever. Give it an astrological twist and I'll definitely want it. I want my Lime Crime Cosmic Glitter in my star sign (Taurus) but all the signs come in pretty glam shades.

    6. Baggu Classic Small Leather Shopper
    Lugging books to class is a pain but give me a Baggu tote with a Midas touch and I'll stop complaining about it.

    7. Emoji Sticker Sheet
    I am a firm believer in Emoji usage. Less talk, more pixelated 21st century hieroglyphics, please. These stickers are perfect!