• Friday Download: February 21, 2014

    Friday again, y'all! And a foggy, sort of warm one at that. How exciting. It almost feels like the rest of our lives won't be spent in the soulless crush of winter. A true miracle. Here are some of my favorite internet tidbits from the past week to keep everyone feelin' as posi as the weather. Katie

    Photos via FILTER

    FILTER Magazine Issue 55
    We love FILTER Magazine here, and the newest issue features the long-awaited return of Beck, which is pretty cool. FILTER is available on newsstands everywhere 2/28, and Beck's new album Morning Phase is out 2/25. For a stream of Beck's album, click here, and to get a peek at what else is in this month's issue, click here (SPOILER ALERT: TONY HALE FEATURE!).

    The 1975 "Rather Be"
    Okay, so The 1975 can literally do no wrong in my eyes, but this cover of Clean Bandit's "Rather Be" is especially great. The song segues into a cover of The Weeknd about halfway through and let me tell you, the whole thing is sensual. Like, so sensual I'm surprised they're not playing this in red silk pajamas with red roses in their mouths. Or at least multicolored silk pajamas blowing gently in the breeze, a la TLC.

    Photo via CityPages

    "I Chaperoned a Middle-School Valentine's Day Dance"
    I just love Shea Serrano so much, and this week he wrote up a little piece about what happened when he chaperoned a middle school dance. Go read it, it's funny. Kids are a delight. (You should also go read his Grantland column about coaching middle school basketball. It's hilarious, even if you aren't a Sports Enthusiast.)

    Apparently this face-morphing thing by Three doesn't even work in the U.S. (which I should have guessed, because I didn't even know that Three was a cell phone company until 40 seconds ago), but I don't even mind because this commercial for it is enough. SMILIN' ALL THE WAY UNTIL 5PM.

    Will Ferrell Figure Skating
    And here's a little Will Ferrell "skating" as a Downton Abbey butler on The Tonight Show with Fallon to keep the good times going. Thank you for this treasure, Jimmy.