• (Photo by Maddie Flanigan)

    Found Objects by Randall Cleaver

    On display now at The Gallery at 543 (5000 S. Broad St.) in Philadelphia is the exhibit Found Objects by Randall Cleaver.

    As a sculpture student who graduated from Penn State in 1981, Randall became accustomed to using found and salvaged pieces in his art, and that tradition has carried into his current work. On display at 543 are some of Randall's amazing clock sculptures, made completely from found or salvaged materials. Most of the clocks also have a component that moves; the slinky on the clock above is shifted from hand to hand, and the grim reaper clock (below) has a pendulum and moving arm piece.

    They're so, so much fun to look at, so if you find yourself in Philadelphia, make sure you check out the exhibition! It will be up for the remainder of the month. —Katie