• First Look: Space Ninety 8

    Space Ninety 8, the Williamsburg, Brooklyn concept store from Urban Outfitters, opens its doors on Friday with an adidias pop-up shop in collaboration with the painter Jason Woodside, a Market Space featuring a curated selection of goods from Local Made artisans and designers, one-of-a-kind Urban Renewal vintage and a dedicated shoe shop (among many other things). We took a sneak peek at the space before the grand opening, where a team of young merchandisers from across the country was busy custom-building fixtures, hanging lights, handwriting signs and decorating the multi-story space with crystals, ceramics and plants.

    Danielle, Store Merchandiser

    Hi Danielle! Where are you from? I'm from the Roosevelt Fields store in Garden City, New York. 

    What's been the best part about setting-up Space Ninety 8? Working with some of the most talented people in the company from all around the country and collaborating and pulling inspiration from each other. And working with the product—there's a lot of special one-of-a-kind pieces here. 

    Do you have your eye on anything you want to buy? A Himo Art macrame wall hanging and the beautiful marbled ceramics by Bailey Doesn't Bark

    Chris, Display Artist

    Hi Chris! Where are you from? I work at the Studio City store in Los Angeles. 

    What do you love about Space Ninety 8? I really like the space itself—it's unique. I feel like we translated the concept well. It has a really different feel [to other stores]. 

    Anything you have your eye on that you want to buy when the store opens? The vintage metal shirts. 

    Hard at work setting-up the rooftop bar, Top Deck

    The view from the top

    Erin, Store Merchandiser

    Hi Erin! What store are you from? East Village, NYC.

    What's your favorite thing about Space Ninety 8? The Urban Renewal shop.

    Have you seen anything you want to buy while setting-up? A pair of Modern Vice boots. 

    Ricky, Market Space Team Lead at Space Ninety 8

    Hi Ricky! Where are you from? I'm a Brooklyn local.

    What's the best thing about Space Ninety 8? The exposure for local artists. I'm an artist myself, so it's really nice to see.

    Do you have your eye on anything to buy when the store opens? All the Salt Surf stuff!

    Trevor, Store Merchandiser

    Hi Trevor! Where are you from? The DTLA store.

    What's the best thing about Space Ninety 8? It's an exciting concept—it's a lifestyle center! It's a cool place to hang out. I love the localization with the Market Space and the artist collaborations. I feel like you could spend hours here and not just shop. 

    Anything you've got your eye on to purchase? There's some really special vintage mens pieces and the jewelry by young local designers. 

    Urban Renewal Vintage

    Nabil from Salt Surf setting up shop

    Skateboards by Salt Surf, part of Local Made at the Market Space