• First Look: Get Cozy

    With our First Look feature, we will be previewing the latest UO photo shoots. This month we're getting warm and snuggly at a cabin upstate, where every day is Sunday and every day is sweater weather. 

    With the temperature dropping to numbers that we can only count on our fingers and toes, we're preparing ourselves for winter's arrival by getting nice and cozy. But, when you think about it, what is cozy? By definition, it is an adjective originating from early 18th century Scotland, used to describe "a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation." When used as a verb (cozies, cozying, cozied), its description starts to get rather...intimate: "Give [someone] a feeling of comfort or complacency. Example: She cozied him, pretending to find him irresistibly attractive." Who knew the Scots were quite the lovers? (Coco Chanel, apparently).  

    So, as I begin my quest to find a Scottish man in South Philadelphia, I am consumed with getting cozy in its truest sense. It's more than just a word, it's what love affairs are made of, and it's what inspired Chanel's iconic tweed knitwear and Scotland's timeless Argyle and Fair Isle sweaters

    Cozy is...

    … warm pumpkin pie with an extra scoop of vanilla ice cream.
    … waking up to the sunrise and letting its warm rays lull you back to sleep.
    … wearing your boyfriend's cologne when he's not around.
    … putting a hot water bottle under the blankets right before you get in.
    … making an emergency trip to the corner bodega in your pajamas (no judgement!).
    … putting your bra and underwear in the dryer for ten minutes before wearing them.
    … sleeping in front of a fireplace (even if it's electric).
    … wearing every layer in your weekend bag, laying outside wrapped up in a blanket, and looking at the stars.
    … drinking red wine and watching Garden State for the second time in one day, just because.
    … letting your best friend leave her legs over your legs on the couch.
    … going to a diner in the early hours of the morning and keeping on your animal ear-shaped hat, despite the odd looks you get from your server. Oh and two more hot ciders, please!
    … candles around your bubble bath, your favorite album, and a very long story from once upon a time.
    … two packets of marshmallows to every packet of powdered chocolate mix.
    … keeping your socks on—even when everything else is off.
    … the moment you lay your head to rest, every day of the week. 

    Thanks, Scots! —Ally