• Fine Little Day's Elisabeth Dunker

    Here we get to know Elisabeth Dunker, the blogger behind Fine Little Day and our latest collaboration, the housewares collection Things

    Tell us about yourself!
    I’m Elisabeth Dunker, located in Gothenburg, Sweden. I studied design for five years at HDK School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg. Before that I worked as a TV photographer. Today I do a little bit of everything, here and there.

    Can you describe your inspiration behind Things, your collaboration with us?
    I think better and get inspired when I’m strolling around, preferably alone at unglamorous fleas and garage sales. I was focused on finding creative and playful solutions and moments.

    Which is your favorite item you designed for us?
    It would be the towels with the flower creatures who are flying around. Or maybe the blue kitchen towel with the harlequin pattern. I like the whimsical and not so perfect feeling of it.

    How did Fine Little Day get it's start?
    I started my blogging tentatively in 2007. From the beginning I was just fascinated with the possibility to—with just a few buttons—push and publish something on the web. After a while I realized the potential the medium has. Besides the possibility to share, you can communicate with interesting people from the whole world. It's awesome. It wasn’t long before I got hooked.

    What are your favorite mediums to use in your art?
    I use what I have around me, and dig where I stand. I generally don't fear new mediums. I'm a curious and hungry person and I like to just throw myself out there and do whatever I feel like. I'll do a stop motion animation as well as an installation, music, or painting. It's mostly about visual communication though. Pictures are essential for me.

    What does a typical day behind the scenes of the Fine Little Day blog involve?
    Running around and a lot of work.

    What is the best and worst part about your job?
    The worst part would be that I have a hard time stopping working. The best part is that I like my job so much that I have a hard time stopping doing it.

    What is your favorite thing to do when you are all alone?
    Relax. Lie on the bed reading, eating chocolate.

    Describe your ideal Fine Little Day.
    My family would be involved for sure. It would be nice if the day involved any activity—maybe biking or a long walk in terrain. After that, a delicious dinner cooked by my husband and a good dessert that I might have thrown together. The day would end with a good movie; maybe something with Sean Penn.

    Tell us something your readers would never guess about you!
    Oh, I'm an open book, ask me anything and I'll tell you about it. But my mom has made out with Jimmy Hendrix.

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