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    We can't get enough of these pretty pastel prints from Wilder California. Here, we speak to founder and photographer Jane Wilder about where she draws her inspiration, her California roots, and her secrets for decorating the perfect minimal home.

    Can you tell us a little about yourself and where you're from?
    I am a visual artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. I have always been intrigued by the beauty and diversity of the California landscape. My goal is to make work that brings that beauty and diversity into the home. I have always been inspired by the natural world and the visual arts and was lucky to grow up in a home where pursuing that was encouraged. So many of the treasures of our area are in danger and are being threatened by things like our current drought, overpopulation, misuse of natural resources, and lack of awareness of how we affect the planet, which is why I donate 10% of my proceeds from Wilder California to National and California State Parks.

    How and when did you start your line?
    About a year ago, I decided to start making a series of photographs that were much more closely related to the landscape I know so well and through that Wilder California started to take shape.

    Was your aesthetic always similar to what it is now or has it changed over the years?
    I have actually always been drawn to simpler visual aesthetics and limited color palettes as I've always believed that simplicity has the ability to evoke profound feeling and gives one the space to meditate on the details of the natural world.

    What made you decide to focus on the cactus and palm tree so heavily? Do you think you'll ever branch into other plant life?
    Both the beaches and the deserts of California are places I have taken refuge in and I consider them to be some of California's most sacred spaces. So naturally, I was drawn to the simple, clean lines of the botanicals I have encountered in these sacred refuges. While other types of plant life find their way into my work, the cactus and the palm tree are so strongly symbolic of California to me and I never get tired of looking at them because they are so pretty!

    Can you tell us what your home decor is like? What "look" are you going for when picking out decorations.
    With the reality of small spaces in the Bay Area, I think it is so important to bring the "outside" in and use as many natural forms and textures like plants, wood, and stones to warm and brighten the space while leaving room for lots of light in order to reflect the beauty of the world outside. I like to keep my space organized and clean so it's important to me to use that valuable real estate to support as many California artists and artisans as I can by mostly using simple, handmade items in my decorating.

    Do you have any tips for someone trying to decorate more minimally?
    In a minimal space, one of the most important things to me is maximizing the natural light by using a lighter, subdued color palette. If someone doesn't have a lot of natural light, it is even more important because you don't want your space to compete with the light, you want to reflect and extend it. In especially tough spaces without windows, I've found it is really helpful to use wall pieces that focus on light or nature in order to brighten the room and bring those natural forms inside.

    Can you tell us a few things you're interested in right now?
    The book The Secret Life of Plants, the writings of Carlos Castaneda and the poet Gary Snyder, all books by Rebecca Solnit, all books by Joan Didion, Wendell Berry's take on the environment, Krishnamurti's Think On These Things, my tomato garden, the Egyptian collections in various museums, collecting local rocks and gemstones, and the recipes from Ashley Neese's blog.

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