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    We visit the HQ of VERB hair care to discuss the brand’s philosophy and find out which of their paraben and sulfate-free products are must-haves.
    Photos by Julia Robbs

    Hi! Tell us a little bit about Verb – how did it start and when? What was the goal of the brand when it first started?
    Verb started out of a salon in Austin, Texas in 2011. It was around that time that we realized 93% of people coming in to visit the salon were walking out without purchasing any products. We saw an opportunity there to create a young, effortless, high-quality line that was actually affordable. That’s where Verb was born, a professional brand for the 93% of people who were going to drugstores to buy their shampoo and styling products. Our goal was to create a natural, healthy line that every girl or guy could afford; healthy hair shouldn’t just be a luxury.

    What about now – where is Verb based? Are its goals the same or have they changed over the years?
    Verb started in our hometown, Austin, and while we’ve since made the move to the NYC, our brand is very much tied to our roots and original goals. From the beginning, we have created accessible haircare products that make anyone’s natural hair look and feel better. We want to make products that say ‘hey, you can always have great hair with little to no effort’. The laid back, active Austin lifestyle has been a central drive behind Verb, so if anything our commitment to our hometown has only gotten stronger over the years. We are constantly learning and evolving but at our core- we are still testing products at our home salon daily, hanging out at SXSW and ACL and creating content in Austin like we have from day one.

    Tell us a little bit about your products and the idea behind them.
    We currently have a Hydrating Line, a Volume Line and styling products (with so much more to come... Think: Sea, Ghost, Curl!). Every product is paraben, sulfate & gluten-free and all but two are vegan. We’ve made a commitment to creating products that are good for our consumers and try our hardest to ensure they are clean and effective. The idea behind Verb products is that they are all easy to use, enhance your natural hair and actually work. We’ll never put a model in front of our clients and tell them they need to look like that…we want Verb lovers to show us how the products help them achieve the hair type/style they desire. Of course, another goal is to actually improve the quality of the hair, but our high-quality ingredients do that work!

    Above: VERB Volume Spray

    Can you pick 3 of your products and explain them more in-depth for our readers? What are they used for? What kind of hair are they ideal for?
    1. Sea Spray - Sea Spray is one of our top sellers because it gives any style that effortless look without the crunch you get from other brands (not to mention the price point at $14). Our favorite way to use it is to spritz on dry hair while twirling pieces for instant body & texture. Another favorite is after curling use Sea Spray to make the style look a little more effortless and undone. It’s the go-to product for that “no-makeup, makeup” hair look. Great for all hair types to create windswept waves and light dry texture. There is really no wrong way to use this formula!

    2. Ghost Oil - Ghost oil is our top seller for a reason. It’s a weightless, clear oil for all hair types so even the finest strands can watch this disappear in the hair. It’s that product we always carry with us to get rid of frizz and polish any style throughout the day. The clear moringa seed oil works to hydrate hair and is a great oil for those with lighter hair because it doesn’t tint the hair like some other oils might.

    3. Dry Shampoo - Our Dry Shampoo is different than most in that it is a powder. Natural Tapioca Starch is the main ingredient and it works to actually clean your hair. Apply the powder with fingertips or a makeup brush to the roots of your hair (Feeling like an expert? Apply straight to the hair), let it sit for 1-2 min then brush out. The powder works to absorb oil from your scalp and then falls out, leaving your hair feeling, looking and actually clean (so you can use it multiple days in a row without build-up). You can also use it on clean hair to create light volume at the roots. 

    Above: VERB Mini Dry Shampoo

    Above: VERB Styling Cream

    What’s one problem you set out to solve with your products? (Any specific hair woes you were looking to solve?)
    When we realized most people were willing to invest in their skincare routines but were skimping on their haircare routines, we realized there was a problem. Spending $18 on a BB Cream but only $5.99 on our shampoo doesn’t make sense (trust us, we were doing it too, though!). When we created Verb there were some given boxes we knew we had to check- high-quality formulas, clean & simple packaging and a lifestyle approach to beauty. But we knew that in order to capture those drugstore clients, we needed our formulas to be accessibly priced. We wanted the cost of Verb to be a part of the conversation so we made everything the same price- $14.00. We want everyone to be able to buy a healthy, safe styling product.

    What makes your brand stand out from other brands?
    We like to think that Verb stands out because of our no-nonsense, effortless approach to the beauty space. Our products are simple, with no parabens, sulfates or gluten and effective all while remaining affordable. When it comes to professional hair products we definitely stand out in that our prices are sometimes even half the cost. We think everyone should not only be able to afford great hair, but also be able to achieve it.

    You made the move from Austin to NYC – what are the benefits of living and working out of NYC?
    Moving to NYC has given Verb some amazing opportunities in terms of exposure. A lot of beauty companies are based here and it’s been important for us to be on the East coast with editors, magazines & beauty influencers. We miss Austin on the daily, but our reach here is definitely larger. Our network is always growing and on every corner, there are other young people running businesses. Having those connections to go to for collaborations and advice is really priceless. The City really gives you the feeling that your potential is endless and is constantly pushing us to better and grow more.

    Anything specific that you miss about Austin?
    We miss our family and friends, the year-round warm weather, and of course.. tacos! Sometimes the Austin pace, which is quite a bit slower than NY, but most of the time we get on better moving quite quickly. 

    What’s coming up in the next year from Verb?
    The next year for Verb is a really exciting one, we can’t say too much now but there are two new lines that we’ll be launching in the coming months so stay tuned. Think texture, texture, texture. Besides new product, we have some really fun collaborations and tons of new content on social. Make sure you are following up on all the social platforms (@verbproducts) to get all the updates.

    Finally, what’s one thing you’d like to tell people about Verb that they might not realize?
    We love when we get to tell people that Verb is only 5 of us working out of a tiny office space in New York. A lot of people think we’re a huge company (which we take as a compliment!!) but there’s only a few of us trying to make it all happen. Everyone gets to wear a lot of hats and all hands are on deck at all times. We have an amazing team and every day is exciting. There is a lot of love in Verb and we hope our clients feel that.

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