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    STATE Bags slogan? "Give. Back. Pack." This means that for every STATE bag purchased, STATE's team will hand-deliver a brand new backpack, packed with essential "tools for success," to kids in need. Rather than just shipping their bags where they need to be, though, STATE gets more involved and turns their donations into high energy STATE Bag Drop events, or motivational rallies, led by "PackMen" and "PackWomen" at deserving schools and organizations.

    Above: STATE Bags Lorimer Nylon Tri Backpack

    Above: STATE Bags Leather Smith Backpack

    Above: STATE Bags Lorimer Nylon Tri Backpack

    Founded by husband and wife duo, Scot and Jacqueline Tatelman, STATE was created as a "for-profit company with a nonprofit pedigree." In 2009, the duo founded Country Roads Foundation - a nonprofit organization that has served thousands of New York City kids. The creation of Country Roads Foundation, and their work with underprivileged children, prompted Scot and Jacq to form STATE. Their focus is to make sure that kids have the tools needed to help reach their highest potentials, as well as motivational and inspirational leaders they can look up to in the community. STATE promises to always have their backs.

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    These days, STATE Bags constantly has something going on, whether it's a Drop Event or partnering with Beyonce (really), so to keep up-to-date on everything they're doing, make sure to follow the brand on Instagram. They love getting involved with their customers, so get in touch with them and let them know how important your STATE Bag is to you. This past week, a group of UO employees was able to tag along to one of their Drop Events at the Shane Victorino Nicetown Boys & Girls Club in Philadelphia to help hand out backpacks. See more from UO's day with STATE bags below!
    Photos by CJ Harvey

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