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    Handcrafted in California by hairdresser Garrett Markenson, Reverie hair products restore and revitalize hair while using only the necessary ingredients. We take a trip to Garrett's home and studio to find out more about his background, design process, and what he's learned over the years as a hair stylist.
    Photos by Sera Lindsey

    Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and where you’re from/where you live now?
    My whole life I have studied and practiced art. I've been a hairdresser for almost 15 years, now, a salon owner for 7, and a product owner for 6. [I was] born and raised in Valencia, CA and live here with my fiancé, Hillary, and our two dogs, Lux and Kingsley.

    Since you've been a hairdresser for so many years, can you tell us your background in haircare?
    As a stylist, I have my hands in products all day. I've collaborated with other haircare companies in the past through artistic collections, product development, and shows. I've seen many vantage points [of haircare].

    What led you to deciding to start your own haircare line?
    After creating a successful salon in our worst economy 7 years ago! This change caused us all to be more aware of our spending and lifestyle choices, choosing to live more minimally and being present about how we curate our lives was the inspiration.

    How did you first decide what products you wanted to focus on?
    We wanted to focus on items that would work. MILK was our first product, and it does what it says it does, which is rare in a beauty supply store. Reverie products are as seductive in real life as they are in their performance claims. [It's a] total balance.

    What makes your products different from other hair products out there?
    [We've] created a luxury, organic haircare line that's handcrafted in California. All our products are made with an intimate focus on craftsmanship and quality which means Reverie is an authentic reflection of my taste and personal experiences.

    Can you tell us a little bit about your creation process for the products?
    Everything goes back to the story. People don't need help shopping, but rather they need their curiosity cured in the makers' story. If they connect with the vision and heart of the maker, they might perhaps also integrate the product into their life. The creation of Reverie came from this. Understanding that everything from our ingredients to packaging, to the scent and design is important. There is intimacy in the process and a story to tell. Reverie products only have what they need.

    Speaking of packaging, what about the design process for the bottles – can you tell us about that? We love how they look!
    Thanks! The black glass actually helps preserve the product/ingredients. The design is done in ceramic ink. This packaging allows the recycling process to be more timely and effective. The design had to be top level if we wanted it to sit next to the chicest perfumes and facial products. If you go into a beauty supply store, you might experience an overwhelming sensation that there's a lack of taste in other lines. Certain designs look like confetti (or worse). Reverie products sit quietly in your personal space. We'd like the design to complement your style rather than impose on it.

    What’s been the best part about owning your own business? The hardest?
    The best part is being able to celebrate in your coworkers' lives. Everything from seeing them getting married to having babies, or traveling the world and enhancing their craft. Their success is beautiful and to be in their lives is humbling. The challenge is realizing that you're not perfect (but constantly try to be).

    Can you tell us a little bit about your own haircare routine?
    After I wash my hair with Reverie NUDE shampoo and conditioner, I squeeze the water out of my hair with a Turkish bath towel. While my hair is still damp, I apply Reverie CAKE to my scalp and massage it in, along with a few pumps of Reverie MILK. After that, I let my hair air dry and wash every three days.

    What’s one holy grail hair tip you like to tell people?
    MILK for all! This one product replaces so many and the scent is incredible.

    Finally, what's one thing people may not realize about your line?
    There are not many haircare lines that are actually owned, designed, and managed by a hairdresser. The products we all know are run by huge corporate machines and though that might be a big deal to some, for me that's not where I live. I have no strings, limits, or deadlines. Reverie is at my own pace.

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