• Featured Brands: PLEASURES

    From streetwear mastermind Alex James comes a line of forward-thinking graphic tees and apparel that blends cutting edge visuals with experimental type. We took a look behind the scenes at the brand and caught up with James to chat about PLEASURES’ latest collection. 

    Tell us a bit about PLEASURES. How did the brand get started? 
    The brand got started in summer 2015. I had been sitting on some ideas for awhile and my friend / business partner Vlad pushed me to put this concepts in motion. We launched at a pop up shop in Los Angeles curated by Edison Chen. 

    How has your previous work in the menswear world led you to start the brand? 
    I’ve consulted for various street and contemporary brands over the past decade. I’ve got to learn how the industry works but also how to work it. Learning is key to growth and I am like a sponge. 

    Alex James (right) and his business partner Vlad Elkin. 

    Rock music is very much in the PLEASURES DNA. Are there any particular bands or musicians that have most inspired the line?
    Everyday inspirations include Morrissey, Kurt Cobain, and Ian Curtis. 

    Tell us about the S/S ’17 season of PLEASURES. What ideas tie the designs together? 
    The collection was really based off of ideas with a few select friends via dropbox. Early meme’s, old tumblrs, and photos from my youth fueled the concepts. 

    Can you walk us through the design process for a new piece?
    Each shirt has multiple meanings depending on how you view it. Clothing is subjective like art. Our non themed collections are based more on feeling, instinct, and emotions. Rather than forcing it, we just make what we want. 

    How many people are on the team at PLEASURES? How do you work together?
    Our team is small and we want to keep it that way. Everyone knows their role and plays it very well. This how how we have a happy working environment. 

    What sets Pleasures apart from other streetwear labels? 
    Most brands using cultural references never lived the ideas they are referencing. Between myself and Vlad, we’ve experienced life ten times over. We bring this energy into every piece. 

    What do you see for the future of streetwear?
    The future is becoming more DIY and internet based. Street wear is all about doing whatever you feel like. 

    What do you see for the future of PlEASURES? 
    We want to expand into making records and conceptual art. These are real passions that can we attained via the PLEASURES platform.