• Featured Brands: Moon Juice

    Go behind the scenes with LA’s Moon Juice to get some favorite recipes for how to use their cult favorite Moon Dusts.
    Photos by Dana Lynn Pleasant

    Last year, we interviewed Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon here on the UO blog, and since then we've become truly obsessed with her Dusts — adaptogenic blends packed with healing superfoods. We were curious about how the team at Moon Juice HQ uses the dusts, so we popped by their Melrose store in LA to have Elizabeth from the Moon Juice team make us a couple recipes. Read on for more!

    Beauty Dust Iced Tea
    2 teaspoons (servings) Beauty Dust
    16 oz. of your favorite iced tea (We like gynostemma for its adaptogenic powers.)
    Combine in a shaker or blender, whatever you have handy, pour over ice, and enjoy!

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    Spirit Dusted Protein Power Shake
    1 teaspoon (serving) Spirit Dust
    1 frozen banana
    2 TBSP (1 serving) Vanilla Mushroom Protein Powder ( or sub in your own — we love the vegan plant proteins by LivWell)
    1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
    12 oz of your favorite milk, we like almond

    Spirit Dust is a herbal supplement alchemized to help calm your inner voice and release tension as you unwind + expand awareness.

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