• Featured Brands: Lucid FC

    Introducing new-to-UO line Lucid FC, founded by 22-year-old twin brothers Betts and Chet DeHart. Get to know the brand in our visit to their Atlanta HQ
    Photos by Mary Caroline Russell

    How does sophisticated streetwear collide/clash/marry with life in Atlanta?
    Born and raised in Atlanta, we grew up in an environment where we could wear whatever we wanted and feel comfortable. Beneficially, Atlanta’s fashion scene and history is small. We hope to expand the fashion industry and history in Atlanta. [We like that] around here you can be yourself. 
    Working to start and constantly build Lucid FC in Atlanta influences our designs because it gives us a clear state of mind in what fashion can be. No one is here to judge or tell you what to make. Less people are here to complete [in this industry], and there is more freedom. There is less pressure built on fashion in Atlanta, which sets our unique style free. 

    Why “lucid” in Lucid FC? 
    “Lucid” is defined as clearly expressed or easy to understand, which translates to our designs. When you see Lucid FC it is clearly identifiable as Lucid. Together we’re the life of style.

    We’ve gathered that as twins, you play different yet complementary roles in building the brand. Tell us more about the workings of your working relationship? 
    If things were short, Chet is the designer and director, and Betts handles the operations and business. Having said that, we both help each other equally on daily things big and small. We are best friends, and twins. As you could imagine, task Betts could not do Chet could, or vice versa. During an average day Chet will design, cut, create, and more. Betts will ship packages, take orders, and work with stores like UO on finding cools ways to collaborate.

    What does your design process look like? 
    Our designs process is constantly enhanced and magnified each season. Right now our design process is more experimental and intricate than before. Chet will design each products one step at a time, forming the styles together like puzzle pieces for the full collection. Always thinking ahead, we design with color palettes, originality, function, and high style in mind.

    Name a recent piece of writing, an image, an experience etc. that spurred a new idea or inspired your work. 
    Chet says looking at architecture has recently inspired his design works and pattern making with seasons.  

    What’s been the most successful tactic/driving force in getting the word out there about Lucid FC? 
    Networking and meeting with like-minded individuals to create and build. It can be on a small scale, like getting friends and customers together for a small photoshoot. Or something larger like exhibiting at Complexcon. Sometimes we hold public brand events with a pop-up shop. There are things to learn everywhere...

    How has moving to NYC influenced the brand?
    In 2015, we took off to NYC.  Our intentions were to bring the brand up to par with the fashion industry. Before 2015, we were seen as an upcoming line. We moved to the garment district and begun making our styles from scratch. We started making our own patterns, choosing trimmings, using more premium fabrics, and really making our collections worthwhile. By 2016, we became a full ready0to-wear line marked official in the books for fashion weeks worldwide. In late 2016, Chet moved to London where he began to study design and take intensive courses to offer even more forward design. At the same time we strive to perfect our crafts for all products; subtle or not. 

    Name a significant achievement or milestone reached for the brand in 2017. 
    This July we released a short film — we are both huge fans of cinematography, and so we produced a short film to showcase the FW17 collection, with all the direction, screenplay, original soundtrack, script, and so on produced all in-house by Lucid FC. A lot of hard work went into this. It was an amazing experience and a wonderful film, which you can check out here

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