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    What do Paris Hilton, terry cloth, and tracksuits have in common? It can only be Juicy Couture, the beloved brand of the early aughts that's currently making a comeback in a big way. Take a closer look at the brand here. 

    Above: Tinashe in Juicy Couture — read our interview with her here

    In the conversation about fashion, style, trends, and the early aughts zeitgeist — Juicy Couture plays a leading role. In 1995, Juicy was founded by two friends, Gela Nash and Pamela Skaist-Levy (the original concept was actually a maternity line). Their Juicy Couture line started with a single item: the perfect fitting V-neck tee, made for comfort and wearing anywhere...a theme that would come to fold into everything JC was known for.  

     Above, the original iconic logo: two highland terriers holding a shield with “Love P&G” (for Pamela and Gela). 

    Above: Britney Spears wears a Juicy tracksuit. Image by Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    In 2001, a specific era of pop culture was among us, with weekly celebrity-focused magazines bringing in a new wave of fascination with celebrities offscreen. Madonna was photographed in a velour Juicy tracksuit. and then suddenly the rainbow-colored velour and terry cloth jumpsuits were everywhere: Britney Spears wearing one with sneakers at a boutique. Paris Hilton wearing one pushing a cart full of groceries. Last year Kim Kardashian posted an Instagram where she's lounging on a Range Rover wearing a baby pink Juicy tracksuit. Caption: "Juicy Couture tracksuits give me life!"

    Above: Paris Hilton in Juicy Couture. Jun Sato / Getty Images

    Flash forward to 2017. We already know the tracksuit is back. Athleisure is here. And...Juicy is here too. Last year the fashion house turned 21, so the timing seems only appropriate for a new, updated (but still seriously so fun) version to re-enter our lives. 

    We teamed up with the amazing singer, songwriter, and producer Tinashe to be the face of our new collaboration with Juicy Couture — read our interview with her here (and learn more about her own nostalgic love for the brand). 

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