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    From palm readings to aura cleansing, healing bath salts to any incense you could ever imagine…LA’s metaphysical center House of Intuition is nothing short of magical. To learn more about the story behind it and welcome their apothecary line to UO, we visited the LA HQ for a behind-the-scenes look and conversation with owners Marlene and Alex.
    Photos by Emily Knecht

    Can you share more about the history of House of Intuition?
    We opened our doors in the spring of 2010. It all started with our own journey of empowerment: We knew that we couldn’t be the only ones looking to heal from past experiences and who were seeking to manifest their hearts desires or identify what they are. To be totally honest we were looking for spiritual guidance during a time of uncertainty and darkness. The services we provide are exactly that, spiritual guidance. We do this by way of readings and healings: tarot, astrology, past life, past life, clairvoyant, tea leaf, palm, and aura portrait readings. We also offer classes on many metaphysical and self-empowerment topics…our mission is to enlighten, empower and elevate our community.

    Your shop offers many services and you are developing so many different projects! In this sense, what does the word “Intuition” mean to you and your business? 
    Intuition is that inner knowing that we all have, the voice that is connected to our highest self, that can help us to navigate our life when the way forward may not be visible or obvious. Our intuition lets us discover things that fall outside of what our logical mind might think is possible. Intuition is that hunch that tells you there could be something great right around the corner. It can also warn us when there is danger, and point the way out so that the danger can be avoided. 

At House of Intuition we have assembled a powerful team of intuitive healers who can help tap into guidance for those who are having a hard time getting a clear message for themselves. Our staff of teachers and experts lead workshops which help our clients learn how to become more intuitive, and our products are designed to help our clients live more holistic and spiritually minded lives, so that they may tap into their guidance, by promoting clarity, balance, peace of mind, and divine connection.  Of course, intuition is the guiding force behind our growth! If we had done only what was logical, we would never have made it this far, but because intuition has allowed us to believe in our dreams, the sky is the limit! The same inner guidance we listen to in our personal lives, shows us which doors to open when it comes to our business as well. 

    Can you share more about your bath products, and what all goes into creating them? 
    There is a spiritual practice included in the creation process of our sea salt bath mixes, bath bombs, and cleansing waters. We first create a sacred space with an altar that we set up, which contain elements of fire, air, water, and earth. We then go into a meditation asking “What is our intention, why are we creating this product?” 

    Most of our products are organic and essential. Our herbs and oils are organic from all over the U.S. and our sacred items come from South America, where we travel to 2-3 times a year. When creating a new line of products we have a diligent practice of meditation, intention, and creating a sacred space for our products to help heal or cleanse ones spiritual body. We then intuitively pick ingredients from our collection of goodies and let the magic begin.

    Can you speak to some of the ingredients and their benefits for some readers who may be less familiar?
    The herbs, oils, and crystals we use hold a certain vibration as they contain metaphysical and healing properties and so do salts. Our bath products are used with some or all of these base ingredients. Along with an intention to bring in healing, cleansing, balance, or even love. Now, I don’t want you think that all our products or any product out there is so magical that they make all these things happen on their own—they don’t! They need you to also be open to receive the healing and cleansing. 

    On the West Coast, and especially in Los Angeles there is such a heightened awareness of overall wellness and especially of how the body and overall mental state connect. Can you share more about how your surroundings influence your business and the products you make? 

    When people think of LA, the first thing that comes to many minds is the flash of Hollywood: images of celebrities and materialistic culture.  Angelenos know that there is a lot more under the surface. Los Angeles is a city which has a history that is steeped in spirituality. Over the last century, seekers, gurus, yogis, authors, and magicians have all been drawn to this region. Many from different cultures and traditions have chosen to make Los Angeles their home, contributing to the magical, mystical, and spiritual veins that run deep here.  

You are right, people in LA are tuned in to overall wellness – healthy eateries, yoga classes, juice bars, massage, these are all abundant here and people can use these places to support their overall health. What we look to provide at the House of Intuition are products and practices that support the mind, heart, and spirit. We offer things which allow people to connect with that mystical part of themselves, their inner divine spark, and to have alternative methods for dealing with life.

    Can you offer any advice or small daily practices that someone who lives, say on the East Coast can integrate into their own life to be more self-aware or take steps toward mental balance? 
    This can apply to anywhere you live, actually. The minute you wake up and right before you go to bed take some deep breaths. Breathe in healing and energizing white light and exhale all that no longer serves you. Ask yourself “What am I grateful for today?” List them out loud and as you list them allow yourself to feel those emotions (smiling, laughing, tears of joy) associated with what you are grateful for. This is a great way to set the tone for the day and such a positive way to go into sleep mode by letting those good vibes penetrate your subconscious mind.

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