• Featured Brands: G9 Skin

    Made from a mix of skin-purifying botanical extracts and wrapped up in perfect millennial pink packaging, we’re sold on new-to-us Korean skincare line G9 Skin. Discover more of why we love it and how we’re using each of their products.
    Photos by Adrienne Raquel

    G9 Skin Pink Blur Hydrogel Eye Patch Mask
    What it’s for: looking like a human after a late night — soothe and hydrate under your eyes with this targeted mask
    Key ingredients: Blackberry, Raspberry, Cranberry, Cherry fruit extracts, Camellia flower, Calendula, Evening Primrose Oil, Eucalyptus, and a host of other veggie and herbal extracts (Cabbage and Broccoli?!)

    G9 Skin White In Milk Whipping Foam
    What it’s for: Getting squeaky clean — consider this step one in your cleansing regimen
    Key ingredients: Flower waters and botanical flower/leaf extracts, nut-based oils (almond, macadamia)

    G9 Skin White In Whipping Cream
    What it’s for: all-over hydration and balance in a creamy smooth formula
    Key ingredients: Milk protein extract, evening primrose, camellia, cranberry fruit extract, blackberry, witch hazel

    G9 Skin White In Milk Toner
    What it’s for: hydration and balance that doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils
    Key ingredients: Milk protein extract, Rose water, Jasmine, Witch Hazel, Eucalyptus leaf extract

    G9 Skin White In Milk Capsule Eye Cream
    What it’s for: Decreasing puffy eyes and overall skin wellness
    Key ingredients: Milk protein (this cream is 50% milk protein!)

    G9 Skin White In Milk Capsule Serum
    What it’s for: Use this after the G9 toner (above) for a balanced hydration set.
    Key ingredients: Milk protein, flower waters, Eucalyptus, hibiscus, camellia, ivy leaf, macadamia seed oil, sweet almond oil

    G9 Skin It Clean Oil Cleansing Stick
    What it’s for: An refresh button for your skin. Wipe away the afternoon dirty face feeling with a quick, on-the-go swipe.
    Key ingredients: Linseed extract, flower waters, Willow Bark extract, Wheat Seed Extract

    G9 Skin White In Creamy Cushion Compact
    What it’s for: pre-makeup primer for the ultimate in natural radiance
    Key ingredients: Beeswax, flower and fruit extracts (like camellia, linseed eucalyptus, hibiscus, ivy, strawberry, sweet almond, rice, aloe, and witch hazel)

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