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    Founded in the 1950s, the family-owned brand Body Glove makes performance-driven swimsuits worn by everyone from 80s supermodels to pro surfers. Learn more in our look back at their history. 
    Photos courtesy of Body Glove

    Above: a vintage Body Glove swim ad (left) and their throwback Body Glove X UO Greta Bikini 

    Above: A vintage Body Glove wetsuit ad

    Above: Twin brothers Bill and Bob Meistrell, co-founders of Body Glove 

    Started in 1953 by twin brothers Bill and Bob Meistrell, Body Glove are the originators of “the first practical wetsuit.” It all started in Missouri, when a landlocked water fascination evolved into experimenting with diving helmets (out of vegetable can and tire pumps). In the 1940s, the Meistrell family moved to Manhattan Beach, and the brothers fell in love with the ocean. In 1953, the opportunity arose to buy into a local dive shop called Dive N’ Surf (at the time co-owned by modern surf board pioneer Hap Jacobs). 

    Once they owned the shop, the Mesitrell brothers got to thinking about how to come up with a solution for surfers combatting chilly California water, trying “everything from wartime electrically heated flyers’ suits to wool sweaters that lasted only as long as they were dry.” At long last, an answer emerged from a material used in the back of refrigerators: neoprene. The wetsuit was born, and Dive N’ Surf became the home of “The Body Glove.”

    Above: A current Body Glove surfer, Tatiana Weston-West, catches waves while wearing Body Glove. Photos via Instagram

    Above: a vintage Body Glove swim ad (left) and their throwback Body Glove X UO Reminiscence suit 

    Above: a vintage Body Glove swim ad

    Above: from the archives, Body Glove worn on the cover of Surfer magazine + a vintage ad from the brand

    Above: a vintage Body Glove wetsuit ad

    Body Glove quickly evolved to offer more than just the wetsuit, and in the 70s-90s their swimsuits and wetsuits toed the line between practicality and fashion (with Body Glove suits appearing on the cover of magazines like Elle, worn by models and styled in fashion editorials). 

    We're excited for the opportunity to collaborate with Body Glove on a set of suits, inspired by the high-waisted 80s cuts that the brand became known and beloved from — for example the exclusive Reminisce One-Piece that's a direct throwback to their 80s zip-up style. Their "the Look" suits are also a direct homage to the label-heavy styles they became known for. 

    Above: Body Glove’s Co-Founder Bill Meistrell dips in

    Above: a vintage Body Glove swim ad

    Above: a vintage photo from the Body Glove archives

    We're so excited to carry on the Body Glove torch at UO — click here to learn more about the brand's history, and to discover how today their wetsuits are worn by some of the world's most accomplished surfers. Style and substance, you guys; that's what it's all about. 

    Above: Tatiana Weston-West wearing Body Glove, via Instagram

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