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    Explore the healing properties of crystals with SoCal apothecary line Aquarian Soul, a line of small batch, handmade products that combine herbalism with gemstones. 
    Lead photo via Instagram

    Above: photo by Anthony Masters and via Instagram

    Can you tell us more about your background?
    My background has always been in the arts. I studied metal design in college and went on to make jewelry with raw gemstones. I was always interested in crystals and I studied both the geological and metaphysical properties for years before beginning this journey. I am an avid rock collector, and love to dig my own crystals, some of which I use in our products. I also am an herbalist and aromatherapist. I studied herbalism and local native plant species of California in order to gain a better understanding of plant life and how they affect our bodies. 

    Above: photos via Instagram

    What made you interested in creating a line of your own? 
    I started out making crystal jewelry with the intention of using raw minerals and gemstones to create talismans that could be worn to promote healing. I also get a lot of migraines and I used to place quartz crystals around my head and would rub essential oils on my temples to alleviate my headaches. It hit me that I could start bottling this combination and that's where it all began. Then I started putting crystals in my homemade massage oils for my own back pain and little by little I began formulating different combinations of healing crystals and essential oils to make blends for healing different things both mentally and physically. 

    Can you share more about the healing properties of crystals?
    Many people are skeptical of the healing properties of crystals but how I always like to explain it is that our bodies are made up of minerals and water which is the same composition of crystals. We are intrinsically linked to many things on this earth, including crystals. Every crystal differs in composition and is able to naturally heal different ailments and  help us attune ourselves and align ourselves with our highest self. They are like little energy clusters. Even if you don't believe in it, they are beautiful little gifts from mother earth. They work subconsciously whether you are actively aware of it or not.

    Above: photos via Instagram and by Anthony Masters 

    What role do they play in your products?
    Crystals actively infuse our products, radiating their energy into it, which when applied to the body gets absorbed into your skin. It is the most direct and quickest method of absorbing the crystal energy into your system, as well as its skin healing benefits. We don't just “infuse” crystals into water and add that into the product, we use the actual crystal in the bottle (not only for its obvious beauty but for its healing benefits). We like to choose the best crystals for different issues, like amethyst and quartz for headaches, and they can be used alone or in conjunction with other stones to create a more well balanced combination. 

    What about some of the ingredients you choose to use?
    Using all organic, wildcrafted, or hand picked ingredients was super important to me from the very beginning. Even using glass bottles was a big concern for me. I didn't want to use the best therapeutic ingredients just to let it soak in plastic. We have a big medicinal plant garden with over 15 varieties of sage as well as tons of roses, lemon balm, rosemary, calendula, mugwort, and lots of native California plants. What we can't grow ourselves we buy as high quality, organic herbs as well as our essential oils and carrier oils. 

    We also responsibly forage for some of our ingredients. Conservation plays a big role in what we do, and we sustainably wildcraft a few of our ingredients. As for the crystals, we go to all the major rock shows each year to handpick the different crystals we put in our bottles. And finding new and interesting gemstones also helps give us inspiration for new products! 
    Above: top photo by Anthony Masters, bottom two via Instagram

    Can you walk us through the creation of one of your products from idea to the finished product? 
    A lot of my ideas come to me in the moments before drifting off to sleep so I like to keep a notebook nearby to capture these ideas. One product that comes to mind is our bath teas. I do a lot of moon ritual work, and part of this includes cleansing yourself beforehand in with a bath. I was inspired to make something that was based around the idea of new and full moon that could be used during this bath time ritual. In my herbal studies I found herbs that work well during the new and full moons and made a blend that you could pop right into the tub in a big bath tea bag. It's an easy way to experience the medicinal properties of the herbs and allow yourself to indulge in your beauty routine by just placing one bag into the tub. 

    What’s the hardest part of running your own business?
    The hardest part is definitely trying to juggle everything at once. When you own a small business you are often the photographer, the website designer, the label designer, on top of creating, making, and packaging everything. It's hard to find time for yourself, whether it's stopping for a cup of coffee or going on a walk. But when you love what you do every sacrifice is worth it. 

    Above: photos by Anthony Masters and via Instagram

    What’s the easiest part?
    The easiest part is coming up with ideas. Ideas come all the time, it's just a matter of finding time to execute them between orders. I love being able to work with my two favorite things on the planet, plants and crystals, and being able to combine these two things into something that can help people—whether it's with a tension headache, back pain, or just simply being a beautiful object that can sit on a vanity or nightstand. I love being able to help people in a way that might not be the conventional route. 

    If someone is new to your line, what products do you recommend they start with?
    Many people like to start with something like the headache oil since its something small and practical you can toss in your makeup bag or take with you on the go. Personally I would recommend our Moon Balm, which is an all purpose moisturizing balm you can use anywhere on the body and its infused with moonstone crystals. Also our bath soaks are an easy choice and don't require any crystal knowledge. 

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