• Featured Brand: R+CO

    You heard it here first! We're finally lucky enough to carry R+Co, a brand loved by stylists across the US for its amazing products that actually work. We tried out a few of the brand's staples - read on for testimonials from the UO Social Team and find your next favorite hair product.

    "Pinstripe Intense Detangling Spray has, in every way, saved my hair. I have fine hair with highlights so my hair isn’t the easiest to comb through. I used to rip out my hair or dump tons of conditioner in it to alleviate the knots but this spray does the trick! It’s lightweight and leaves my hair shiny, smooth and tangle free while hydrating my hair. I use this after every wash and it has become a staple product for my hair!" Bridget McLoud, Assistant Content Producer

    "I have been bleaching my hair for almost a year now, and Palm Springs resurrects my hair from the dead! The treatment is the texture of mousse which makes it super easy to apply and not messy at all. It absorbs immediately; you don’t even need to wrap your hair in a towel like your standard conditioner masks. When you rinse it out you can immediately feel the difference. Oh, it also smells like… really clean and expensive." Lynn Kostelny, Global Social Manager

    "Not to be hyperbolic, but this stuff might be a miracle product? I’m no professional, but Blowout Balm makes me look like one. I have a lot of hair, and it cuts down my drying time significantly, smooths without being oily or heavy, and leaves my hair super bouncy and shiny. Sometimes I leave it as-is, or add some more product for extra texture—either way, this is always a must-have in my hair routine." Alayna Giovannitti, Senior Manager of Social Media

    "High Dive takes my sad winter hair and turns it into beautiful, 'I'm a lady in a hair commercial' hair. My hair gets greasy pretty quickly and this doesn't weigh it down at all. Normally, I stay away from products like this, but I feel like this moisture cream is actually good for all hair types, which is truly a miracle." Katie Gregory, Senior Content Editor

    "This cleansing conditioner is perfect if you're trying to find silky, frizz-free hair. My hair is pretty thick, so I do a golf ball sized pump, work it through my ends, and then rub any excess on the top of my head. After a few minutes, I rinse out and it leaves my hair so, so soft. Love it!" Ella Erlich, Content Creator

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