• Featured Brand: Publish

    Looking for the next great streetwear brand to flesh out your Fall wardrobe? Look no further than California-based brand Publish. Started in 2010, Publish focuses on creating refined, wearble streetwear for men. Michael Hyunh, the brand's founder, wanted to make a line that was "casual, with an air of sophistication," but soon discovered that people didn't fully understand the concept of his brand. Customers were thrown off by the joggers he was producing in sleek, utilitarian fabric, far different from the cotton joggers everyone was familiar with at the time.

    By pairing his elasticized dress pants with classic sneakers that his customers were able to put into context, Hyunh painted a picture of the aesthetic he had in his mind, and helped people realize that the dressier pants were, in fact, just as accessible as the standard cotton joggers they were used to. Hyunh feels that his clothing is still extremely accessible for any man out there, and we can't say that we disagree. See below for our favorite shots from our Publish lookbook shoot.

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