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    Herschel has just released brand new backpack silhouettes and color ways of some classic styles that we are really excited about. To discover the different ways people use their bags, we tagged along with some emerging New York City creatives to see the what essentials they always carry with them, what projects they're working on, and hear about what ideas, art, and places they're into right now.
    Photos by Francisco Marin

    Angelo Spagnalo 
    Age: 26
    Job: Writer, photographer, and stylist
    Neighborhood: Ridgewood, Queens
    Bag: Hershel Lawson in navy

    What's in your backpack on a daily basis?
    Top row: Fuji Instax film, the Hill-Side hankie, Yashica T4, Nikon N90s, Fuji Instax 210, Hershel Lawson backpack. Bottom row: Kodak 35mm film (Ultra 400), keys with Tanner Goods lanyard and Snow Peak titanium short spork, Snow Peak collapsible chopsticks, Stanley flask with Grimy Living sticker, comb, clipboard and classic composition book, books: What the Stones Remember by Patrick Lane, Field Notes craft notebook, and vintage Dick Tracy trading cards, Instax of Noah.

    What’s a perfect day in NYC for you? 
    In my neighborhood I like to just walk around and hit the Food Bazaar for some groceries. I’m still fresh enough that it’s exciting to go to Manhattan. If I have a meeting in the city, I’m stoked just to walk around. Everything is new for me, so every time I meet someone they’re showing me a new spot. Right now I’m just checking out all the great record and book stores. I can pass hours just flipping through shelves, looking for vinyl versions of favorite albums, different editions of favorite books. Every day in NYC seems to end with drinks—and that’s fine with me. 

    What things are you currently interested in and inspired by right now?
    I am inspired by young people. I respect youth and value the lack of jadedness in their ideas, and the true revolutionary spirit they still carry. The things kids are going to do with the Internet as a tool for creativity and revolution—the world is going to be creatively interesting for the rest of my life. At the same time I’m inspired by stepping back from the digital. Focusing on pen and paper—remembering that Twitter, tumblr, and the constant stream of images are fairly recent inventions. It’s easy to get distracted in all the noise and to be overwhelmed by influence. I’m trying to limit influence and focus on my own ideas. 

    What's your daily uniform?
    My style is very chill. Vintage Levis that I’ve patched, basic Hanes tees I’ve printed on, mixed with a lot of oversized sweaters. I’m on a Cobain tip right now. Army coats because the pockets are big enough to hold cameras. My custom embroidered fanny pack. Vans—I’ve been painting all my sneakers white so they always look new. I also do a lot of camping and backpacking, so I have a lot of outdoor gear that folds into my wardrobe. Patagonia, Oyo, and some of the Japanese outdoor brands like Manastash and Snow Peak. A lot of simple, natural fabrics mixed with some techy pieces.

    What are your favorite places to hang out in New York?
    I’ve been introduced to the guys at Ramona in Greenpoint—a great place for cocktails, music, and chill vibes. I also go to Brooklyn Social in Carroll Gardens and get happy hour oysters at Colonie in Brooklyn Heights, soup dumplings at Grand Sichuan, and ramen at Minca. There’s so much to eat and drink here it is overwhelming. I’m just getting started. 

    What are some things, people, or albums you’ve been into recently that more people should know about?
    I am always late to new music, but the most recent Manchester Orchestra album, Hope, has been on repeat for the past few months. They’re one of my favorite bands and this might be their best album yet. Canadian poet Anne Carson and photographer Quentin DeBriey are a couple others.

    What are you looking forward to in 2015? 
    A lot. I’m working on a book of poetry and images that will be out this year and a cat magazine that will be out this year. I’ve got some new Grimy Living tees coming out in the spring. I’m in the early stages of starting a collective with a lot of the talented people to take on some of the client work we all get separately connecting photographers, writers, and businesses. I moved to NYC to hustle so that’s the goal—to continue working for myself. 

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    Emmanuel Olunkwa
    Age: 20
    Job: Artist, ecommerce intern, student
    Neighborhood: East Village
    Bag: Herschel Nelson in honey

    What's in your backpack on a daily basis?
    Pictured clockwise from top left: Let’s start with my most coveted item yet, my Levi's, which is now up to debate because I just found the best pair of white denim. I got my Levi's at this consignment shop back home. I didn’t even try them on, I just picked them up and saw the price and thought, “Oh these will work.” I have three different Moleskins on me at any given time; red is for my doodles and drawings, green is my school notebook, and white is my journal. I love Muji, and I only write with Sharpie’s fine pen in black, so I have about five on my person at any given time. I have an orange canteen because it’s my favorite color, I think it’s warm but different. 

    The small bottle of lotion is from this local vendor in Joshua Tree. My best friend's family has a house there and her mom always gets this special blend made. I’m obsessed with it. The little purple hippopotamus is a relic from my mom’s early adulthood that I now own. It reminds me of my early childhood days and it serves as an emergency money spot—plus it reminds me of home. My iPod, iPhone, & Beats headphones are my life. I’m always listening to music and always on the hunt for new music. I am easily affected by my environment, so I try to always create a “safe place” where I can chill and do my own thing, and music is a major contributor. The post card of the woman whose head is covered is symbolic for me. I got it two years ago when I went to the Museum of Modern Art, and it really stood out to me because of simplicity of the shot, but also the layered meaning of the photo intrigued me.  I always have a camera on me. I exclusively shoot film, so from any point and shoot that I own to my little Canon dslr film camera, I’m always looking for the shot. I always have my retainer with me. I had braces all throughout high school until my junior year (yes, the struggle was and is real), so now I’m always prepared. Last, I always have one of David Foster Wallace's books with me. I took a class on him this past semester, so I read his work academically and to pass the time. 

    What’s a perfect day in NYC for you? 
    When I wake up in the morning, it is normally a struggle. I naturally wake up around 6:30 or 7. I either jump up ready to go, or I’m like “Ok, just a minute,” and then a minute turns into a couple of hours of being in bed. But I’ve gotten better at getting out of bed and going. I would then go to Murray’s Bagels in the West Village, order an everything bagel with strawberry cream cheese and the largest size of orange juice. I would then hop on the E train and exit at 5th Ave & 53rd Street, to the Museum of Modern Art. There is an exhibit by Robert Gober that is closing soon. I would spend a few here trying to unpack the work and then head back home to decompress before calling one of my friends to see what the move of the night is. We would grab a bite to eat and then go out.

    What are some things you're currently interested in? 
    In terms of my dress, I am really into monochromatic outfits, so I find that I have some of my best days in these outfits — anything from all black, to my light wash denim on denim look...I am also really into primary colors, so I’m usually wearing something colorful. Musically, I am into quite a lot, as always. This past year was a big year for music and I think what has followed me into 2015 will define some of the experiences I’ll have this year. I am currently obsessed with: Frankie Cosmos’s Zentropy, Porches Slow Dance in the Cosmos and Ronald Paris House, anything Angel Olsen—but specifically Burn Your Fire For No Witness, it’s a flawless record. Azalea Banks’ Broke With Expensive Taste changed my life melodically and lyrically. Anything FKA Twigs; she killed the game. ONWE’s  jk bb and Goo Goo Ga Ga Love, Kindness’ Otherness, Miley Cyrus’s Bangerz, and Kilo Kish’s Across—from the way one songs bleeds into the next and the story telling, the record is thoughtful and emotional. It really helped me with my transition in terms of acclimating in Manhattan. 

    What are you looking forward to in 2015?
    This year I hope to improve and further my artistic development. For the longest time, I was just taking photos but I did not pay much mind to composition or even the relationship between me and my subject, so this year will be about the exploration of my art. I hope to complete and publish the magazine I am working on by early or late fall this year, which will be a compilation of artists from all over the world. I have been reaching out to people who either inspire or intrigue me to collaborate. I just want to grow and produce work with people who are honest and passionate about their field of work—2015 is going be a solid year.

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    Noah Emrich 
    Age: 21
    Job: Maker, designer, and photographer 
    Neighborhood: Bushwick 
    Bag: Herschel Reid in black

    What's in your backpack on a daily basis?
    Pictured clockwise from top left: Corter leather wallet and key hook, Snow Peak Kanpai Bottle, Herschel Reid backpackGongjang planner and notebook, Rotring 500 drafting pencil, San Rocco Magazine Issue 10, and Fuji GW690 camera.

    What’s a perfect day in NYC for you? 
    An ideal day in NY right now for me means waking up late and probably not leaving the house all day to work on personal projects. If it’s not freezing, maybe going out to see friends in the evening. If it was nice out probably a bike ride to a far away park or trip upstate with a brown bag sandwich from home.

    What are some things you are currently interested in and inspired by?
    I’ve spent the last four months focused primarily on my undergraduate thesis project. As part of that I and my project collaborators have been continuously researching and sharing new network-based technologies, art projects, and innovations—ways big data or open data can be used to help create more engaged and livable communities, everything from infrastructure projects out of MIT’s Senseable Cities Lab to public accountability projects like the Congress Edits Wikipedia Twitter or design projects like the self-generating but handmade zines of Anonymous Press. We’ve also been very curious and excited about new ways people are accessing or connecting to the Internet. Two really good examples are Li-Fi and Outernet: Li-Fi is a way to use LED lightbulbs to wirelessly transmit information as an alternative to WiFi. Outernet is a project aimed at those who are not yet connected to the Internet. It broadcasts a select library of knowledge and information from space and stream it down to small personal solar power harddrives, making things like Wikipedia accessible almost everywhere on earth for free. 

    The other thing I’ve also been thinking about a lot recently is a report put out by BFAMFAPhD, a collective of artists, makers, designers, educators, and analysts that asks: What is a work of art in the age of $120,00 art degrees? The report looks at who goes to art school and who is able to make a living as an artist, and poses recommendations to combat the impacts of debt, rent, and precocity on creative people through equity and cooperation in the arts that address the needs of working artists and arts graduates.

    What's your daily uniform?
    In the winter it's a wool beanie and whatever else will keep me warm enough to walk outside. That usually also includes chunky socks and sweaters.

    Where are your favorite New York spots?
    I spend a lot of time in my school’s library and at my apartment, but when I’m not being a homebody I enjoy Mast Books, St. Mark’s Bookshop, Dashwood Books, and The Strand. And if I could eat every meal at Minca’s Ramen Bar, I would. But to me, the best things in NY are the parks, galleries, and The MET because they’re free and endlessly enjoyable. 

    What are you looking forward to in 2015?
    Hopefully I am graduating from my undergraduate program in the late spring. I’m also releasing a book of photos that I’ve been working on for a while in the next month or two. I want to make more independent projects this year, both on my own and with friends and collaborators.

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