• Video Premiere: Family Band "Moonbeams"

    Family Band is Kim Krans and Jonny Ollsin, and "Moonbeams" is the second video from their album Grace and Lies (No Quarter). Since Family Band are Philly locals (recently transplanted from Brooklyn) and because we're big fans of their company The Wild Unknown, we were stoked when they asked us if we wanted to premiere this absolutely amazing video. Here, Kim and Jonny answer a few questions about skeletons, eternal love, and getting busted by the cops for 'being weird.'

    Where did you shoot the video and how did you find such picturesque settings? 
    We shot the video in Milwaukee—the director Sam Macon grew up there so he knew all the best spots. Also our friends who run Bona Drag bought an old funeral home in Milwaukee and they had enough space in the basement for the underground sets. The Bona Drag crew has a slight obsession with graveyards, so we knew just where to go.  

    What sparked this idea?
    Kim painted a skeleton costume for Halloween last year—we went to an epic dance party and I shot some footage of her dancing. We realized that skeletons doing anything is awesome, so we just added it a little love story and mischief to it.  

    What was shooting the video like? 
    We drove out to Milwaukee from Philadelphia in our new 1991 Diesel Benz. We stopped and swam in Lake Michigan on the way, and meanwhile Kim was putting the final touches on the costumes while we drove. Sam Macon had assembled a bunch of amazing folks in Milwaukee to help out, basically a real grip of talented people volunteered to get this video made. I can't shout them all out here but they are in the credits. We shot for two days, doing make up at 5am so we could be in the graveyard at dawn. 

    Kim, how many hours of work went into the skeleton costumes? 
    It felt like weeks… but I think it was days? The masks took quite a while too but they were more fun than using the dumb stretchable puffy paint stuff on the bodysuits. Looking back I think I was losing my mind at that time. Painting each and every bone puts you in a weird headspace… and once you realize you really are a skeleton inside, things get very abstract. 

    What was the most fun thing about being skeletons in an all-American town? Swimming also looked like it was pretty awesome. 
    An old pastor from a church asked to have his picture taken with us, and then he blessed us. Then we got busted by the cops in the graveyard for “being weird” (as if we were the only skeletons in the graveyard?!?!?!) so the cops made us pack all our stuff up and leave. Also, eating lunch at Qdoba in full costume was pretty hilarious. Kids unanimously loved us but their parents not so much. The parents in the suburbs tried to pretend we weren’t there, while their kids were yelling “Mom look! A skeleton on a skateboard!” 

    What do you picture happening to this happy couple, since they can't live happily ever after? 
    I think they’re just gonna rest in peace and love, for real.

    Check out behind the scenes photos from the video here!
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