• Music Fest Essentials: Fake Shower

    If I've learned one thing from my past five years attending SXSW, it's that you can't do it all. You simply won't have time, so you're gonna have to cut some things out of your schedule. Those things should be: sleeping, eating, showering, and changing clothes. I mean, c'mon, there are bands to see here, people, and those free beers are not going to drink themselves.

    But then here's the conundrum: You can't let completely forget about personal hygiene, because make-out potential at SXSW is, like, 100x better than it is in your hometown. Yes, even if you live in New York. 

    That said, this fake shower should help you meet the minimum music fest cleaniless standards until you can five 10 mins for a shower. Or at least until there's a pool party.—Kate

    Dry shampoo can instantly transform you from looking like a greasy couch-surfer (which you totally are, of course) into this.*

    Memo to all those people who don't wear deodorant because they don't think they need it: You need it. And this one is so cute, you won't be embarrassed when it falls out of your bag while you're desperately rummaging in that bag for that last piece of gum that you know is in there somewhere. 

    Because you can't wash your face with Vitamin Water and sometimes that's the only kind of water there is. 

    Brush your hair with this and it will make it smell like strawberries. Which is better than smoke, tacos, sweat and basically everything else. 

    Ok, so it's 4am and and that girl you met through that one guy that your other friend used to date just told you that the drummer in that band that you saw at that house party on Tuesday asked her boyfriend if you were going to the after-after-after party because the lead singer of his other friend's band thought you were cute and wanted to know if you were going to be there. Whew. Deep breath. Now spritz yourself in the face with this, and go!

    For a last-minute freshen up, you can't fux with some roll-on perfume.