• Dreamy Room Tapestries

    Sick of your boring white walls in your room? I've got an easy solution for you: wall tapestries! Urban Outfitters has loads of dreamy tapestries that can easily update your room and transport your mind somewhere else. Clear all of those magazine clippings off of your walls, and hang one of these guys up! Maddie

    Paris Window View Tapestry
    Perfect for those of you who are always yearning for that European getaway.

    Magical Thinking Catz Tapestry
    Maybe you dream of cats, and all you want to see in your room is cats. This tapestry can surely help you with that.

    Magical Thinking Constellation Tapestry
    You can't go wrong with this constellation wheel tapestry. I mean, whats more thought-provoking than space?

    Moonbeam Tapestry
    No place I'd rather be than a forest.

    Wild Mountain Tapestry
    Flowers galore! So beautiful.

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