• DIY: NPW Nailwraps

    These NPW nail wraps are super easy to use, and that's coming from someone who is mostly a disaster whirlwind when it comes to anything that is vaguely related to "doing" beauty. If you don't have the time to paint beautiful (but hard) flowers all over your nails, look no further than these flowery nail wraps. I'll even break down the (super easy) steps for you. —Katie

    NPW Nail Wraps

    Nail DIY:

    (Even my sweaty hands couldn't mess this up.)

    Step one: Peel off nail decal
    These decals are not super flimsy and are easy to pull off the paper, so you'll have to try pretty hard to fuck them up. (Just make sure you don't go getting your grubby hands all over the sticker part, because then they won't stick as well, obviously.)

    Step two: Put it on your nail
    These Nailwraps have good adhesive on them, which is a must for nail decals. (After messing around with several brands of decals, we realized how important getting the right amount of "sticky" is.) The good thing with these is that you can readjust if you mess up the placement the first time, and they still go on smoothly.

    (See? So easy!)

    Step three: File off excess
    Unless you have beautiful talons (I have stumpy baby nails :c), you will have some excess nail decal hanging off your nail. Sand it off. You don't have to go nuts with it; the file will take the decal off smoothly, and it's better to just gently rub, so as not to get a jagged line.

    Step four: Topcoat, y'all
    You don't need a topcoat with these since they're a durable vinyl, but it certainly won't hurt. In case your topcoat is buried in a gigantic tub of cosmetics and you can't be bothered, your nails will still hold up on their own, but a topcoat will make them last a good deal longer.

    My nailbeds suck.)

    Step five: Admire
    Honestly, this entire process took me about 10 minutes, and my friends were complimenting my nails all weekend long. It made me feel like a nail wizard. You'll definitely want to do some gratuitous Instagramming. Trust.