• DIY: Natural Wood Tree Stand

    Legitimize your fake Christmas tree with a real wood project by Stephen Loidolt and Shauna Alterio.  All you need is a stump, drill, 1" paddle bit and a fake Christmas tree!

    1. Start by chopping down a tree.  Well, not really...it's easier to call your local tree service and recycle someone else's dirty work.

    2. Proudly carry home your trophy stump because "The Lumberjack" is a good look.

    3. Measure your tree's center post to choose the correct size paddle bit.  Then, using your drill, bore a hole in the center of your stump about four-to-six inches deep.

    4. Line up the base of your tree with the hole and insert it into the stump.

    5. Fluff your tree to make it picture perfect.

    6. Plug it in and decorate!