• DIY: Gift Wrap

    UO housewares designer Alex Segreti got creative with paint, potatoes and google-y eyes for our do-it-yourself gift wrap tutorial– and all so you don't have to wrap your presents in the Sports section this year. 

    You'll Need: Marbling kit, paper, 2 trays a bit larger than the paper you'll be using, a fork, a skewer and a knife.

    Mix the marbling according to the directions included in your kit and pour into one of the trays about 1/2 inch to 1 inch deep.  Drop the inks onto the surface and drag the prongs of a fork or the tip of a sharp object through the inks.

    Place paper on top of the marbling, lift, then immediately place in water to rinse of the excess.  Lay flat or hang to dry.

    Potato Stamping
    You'll Need: Potatoes, brayer (a roller for spreading ink), ink, acetate paper, hard surface for rolling the ink and a knife or carving tool.

    Cut a potato in half and score or draw the shape you want as your stamp.  Carefully carve around the shape to make a stamp that protrudes about a 1/2 inch.  Next, mix ink with the brayer on a sheet of acetate and then roll the ink onto the potato.

      Stamp that paper! Reapply ink as necessary.

    Google-y Eye Paper
    You'll Need: Google-y eyes, paper, glue.

    Wrap your present and glue on Google-y eyes. Cool!

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