• DIY: Make Your Own Terrarium

    In case you haven't noticed, terrariums are all the rage right now. Like me, you probably wanted to get a bunch to put in your room or office, but weren't sure how! Well, you're in luck because making terrariums is probably the easiest DIY you can think of, all you need is a few easy to find supplies, plus something to put those all in! The other day in Malibu, Urban Outfitters opened a brand new store. To celebrate, we had this great DIY terrarium session I'm about to recap for you. To start, you can find tons of terrariums and planters on our website and in stores right now! Get ready to make the room decorations of your dreams. Maddie

    First, you'll want to start with a glass vase sort of thing, aka a terrarium! They come in lots of geometric shapes, some that sit on a surface, or can hang from a tree. We even have light-bulb shaped ones. You can purchase any kind you like right here.

    Next, you'll want to gather your materials to go inside of your terrarium. I'm thinking various plant matter, like air plants, moss, and things like that. It is best to choose plants you don't have to water that much, since personally I feel that the point of terrariums is to have them be self-sufficient, aka, you only water them about once a week. Succulent plants work well too! Also grab some sand or smaller pebbles, some larger rocks for decoration, and any other fun things you'd like to put inside, like the little dinosaur I put inside.

    Once you've gotten everything together to make the terrarium, its time to start assembling! Start with filling the bottom of your container with sand or small pebbles. Not too much! You don't want it to be overfull, gotta have room for all of the other things.

    Here's an example with smaller rocks at the bottom.

    Then start to fill with your plants and rocks!

    Once you've put everything inside your terrarium, add your last minute touches, like my little dino pal here, or whatever you want! You could put vintage pins, little figurines, crystals, basically all of the above.

    After that, you're essentially done! You can arrange everything inside however you'd like, its usually best to put the first layer of rocks or sand, then the plants, then embellishments. That way, everything will stay put. Here are some examples of the terrariums that came out of the event!

    Like what you see and want to make your own? Get started on your terrarium here, and get decorating!