• DIY: Decorative Collar

    In case your New Year's Eve outfit needs a little razzle dazzle, our very own Joyce Lee has a do-it-youself solution.

    A needle, thread, scissors, ribbon and sequin fabric

    1. Use one of your collared shirts to measure how much fabric you'll need.  Add about a centimeter or so of extra fabric around the edges to leave room for a hem.

    2. Cut the fabric and use this as a pattern for the other half, with the outsides facing in. 

    3. Cut the ribbon tails and place them at the short end of the collar.  Make sure you don't place them at the long end– otherwise you'll end up tying your lapels together!

    4. This is the hard part: sew it all together.  (Insider short cut: a much lower-effort alternative is to use a stapler.)  Make sure to leave about two centimeters or so on each of the collar's short sides open.

    5. Use the open gaps to flip it inside out, then stitch them up.

    6. Ta-da! Now that you have the general idea, experiment with patterned fabrics, proportions and embellishments.  Good luck and have fun!

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