• DIY: Crochet OK

    Crochet is one of our favorite trends for this summer.  We asked Stevie and Allegra from our design team to do a DIY with some of our crochet and what they came up with were amazing one-of-a-kind pieces.  Learn how do to them below!

    "This summer we have conjured up tons of DIY ideas that require supplies you most likely already have! Here are a few to get you started.

    Materials you'll need: 
    1. Crochet garments  
    2. Cotton fabric dyes 
    3. Buckets 
    4. Scissors 
    5. Needle and thread 
    6. Garments to apply the lace to 
    7. Fabric pins 
    8. Rubber gloves 
    9. Leather straps and pieces to weave into crochet 


    To start the ombre, begin by mixing dye in a large bucket. Decide which end of the garment you want to be darker and which end to be lighter.  There are two ways you can do this: 

    1. Dip the entire garment quickly in the dye, then hold for five minutes or so, and slowly pull the garment out of the dye at different levels, achieving the ombre look. You can either time it or not, it's not an exact science. 
    2. Dip only one end in the dye to start (as seen above). Depending on how dark you want the dye to get, continue to dip more of the garment into the dye. Be advised: when you get to the top, don’t dip it too long or you wont achieve the ombre.

    The Cut and Patch

    Cutting patches out of the crochet and sewing them on can also look really cool. For applique crochet patches, cut to desired shapes and dye to your desired shade. Make sure to thoroughly rinse and dry patches before applying to other garments.

    It's probably easiest to hand sew the patches since crochet is in an open design. It's up to you if you want to use a machine, which is totally possible as well! Begin to hand-sew patches onto a garment after pinning out where you would like it placed. Here we have chosen the bottom of a denim skirt.

    Another way to insert crochet is to make a cut out in another garment. Here we have chosen a chambray shirt, cut into a vest!  First, map out where the lace will be inserted. next, cut the chambray shirt but don’t throw away the cut pieces! You will use these as a pattern to cut the lace to the correct shape to sew onto the shirt!

    Make sure you have a large enough to piece to cover the pattern, approximately ½” larger than the patterned piece.

    Next, place cut out lace on the inside of the vest and sew away! Ours came out super cool!

    One of the last easy DIY ideas we had was weaving leather into a crochet top as a patterned design. You will need leather straps for this.

    Draw out any pattern on the back of the crochet top.

    Begin to weave the leather in and out in your designated pattern.

    The finished product should look something like this. Our crochet top dyed a little dark, so maybe using lighter color dye would be a nice contrast to the leather straps!"

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