• Dickies X Urban Outfitters: Christine Yuan

    LA-born filmmaker Christine Yuan is what you might call “one to watch.” Highly fluent in today’s unique and ever-evolving media landscape, Yuan’s projects—from memorable music videos to eye-opening documentary short films—have a striking, imaginative quality we can’t help but feel inspired by. We talk to her about the challenges she’s faced, the importance of community, and lots more.
    Interview by Dana Covit

    What did you want to be when you were growing up?
    I wanted to be a secret agent spy that kicked a lot of ass. 

    What women inspire you?
    My grandma inspires me, she is everything to me. She is the epitome of a strong woman, a mother and a warrior and I love her. 

    What advice would you give to someone trying to get into your field?
    I would tell them to watch a lot of movies, go to museums, look at photobooks; to surf the Internet, to find directors they like and admire. Find a style that they're into, maybe try to emulate that and create their own style from that. I would encourage them to just keep going, keep studying, keep learning. Keep doing and keep creating. 

    What are you proud of?
    I’m proud of the relationships that I have created while working in this field, which is mostly dominated by men. I’m proud of the relationships that I have created with the people who help me do what I do. Filmmaking is a collaborative effort and there’s no way I could do this by myself, so I’m so grateful for the people around me that help me. It’s such an amazing thing to get to do it together. 

    What challenges do you/have you faced in your field? How did you overcome them?
    A challenge I’ve faced as a female director is walking onto set and people assuming I’m talent or I’m wardrobe or I’m the makeup artist, that I’m not the director. Overcoming that challenge has just been doing good work and being present and creating a presence.

    What’s the best part about what you do?
    The best part of doing what I do is doing something different everyday. Being at a different location, working with different people, constantly being in a new environment and being stimulated by that. 

    How do you stay inspired/motivated every day?
    I’m very inspired by the work I see out there by photographers or other filmmakers. I constantly stay inspired by staying informed about what other people are doing. Their work drives me. 

    What do you hope for women in the future?
    I hope that women in the future continue to kick ass and kick more ass and create an avenue for themselves to be heard and for them to roar.

    What makes you proud to be a woman?
    Our strength. I think we are so strong and it’s inspiring to me, the women around me and the strength that they’ve showed me. We are vessels for life and for death and that’s what makes me feel amazing to be a woman. Even biologically, we are so strong and so magical. 

    What advice would you give to young girls?
    I would tell young girls to find what they like and to keep walking down that path. Keep learning everything they can about that. If you’re into cooking or if you’re into photography or into sports, just let it consume you and just go all in. So often, we’re beaten down by ourselves. We are our own biggest critics. Don’t let that happen.

    What makes what you do worth it?
    Meeting and being able to work with different people and finding different talents and different sources of inspiration, moment by moment. Even coming onto this project and meeting all you guys, you guys are amazing. That’s what I think makes my job worth it, the collaborative effort is sometimes a challenge but it’s what makes my job worth it. 

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