• Designed By: V::Room

    Matthew Henson is the Market Editor at Complex Media, and since casual style is his passion, we thought he'd be the perfect guy to tell us what he thinks about our exclusive V::Room sweatshirt. —Katie

    How would you describe your day-to-day style?

    My style is very simple, and more importantly comfortable. I basically have a uniform so it's really easy for me to get dressed in the morning. It's usually layered with an overcoat, followed by a sweater or sweatshirt, a button-down shirt, and a tee shirt, black or navy pants, and sneakers (shoes only at market appointments). When you are running from showrooms, to photo shoots, and to the office all day, you need to be prepared for anything.

    What clothing item do you consider a must-have for every man out there?
    A must-have clothing item for every man out there is a great jacket. It's one of the first things people notice about your outfit when they look at you, aside from your shoes. Your jacket should not only be nice, but it should be functional—think in terms of having a removable lining, or being waterproof.

    What's one fashion tip you wish men everywhere would adhere to?
    I think fashion tips in general should be ignored and purposely broken, but I would say you should not have on more than eight articles of clothing on at any time (that includes socks, underwear, and your watch, so choose wisely).

    Who or what influences your style?
    My style is influenced by my inquisitive nature in regards to fashion, constantly learning, working with new brands and designers before they become mainstream, and learning how to make fashion actually wearable. My parents are both very stylish individuals so it is also something I always had an interest in growing up.

    What are some of your favorite fashion magazines and blogs?
    Complex is of course my favorite website and magazine. Outside of that I am a huge fan of Fantastic Man, 10 Men, i-D Magazine, V Man, Sneeze, and Monocole if I want to give myself a headache. The blogs I visit often are Highsnobiety because my friend Jeff Caravalho works there, and Four-Pins is by far one of the best men's blogs around right now.

    What is it you like about the V::Room sweatshirt?
    The V::Room sweatshirt is great because it has a great fit, and the details are amazing. It's rare that you can find sweatshirts made in speckled cotton, so you almost immediately notice the tiny pops of color woven into the fabric. It's also done in two tone navy and grey colorway with raglan details, which is a big trend for Spring '13.

    How does V::Room fit your fashion aesthetic?
    V::Room fits my aesthetic because the brand is based upon simplicity. They make necessities like tees, sweatshirts, and knitwear that are all made very well in great materials and have this lived-in quality, so they end up being really comfortable, and that is why they are so successful.

    The Designed By collection will be available in select stores starting 4/11. Check out our Remi Relief and Garbstore previews, and come back tomorrow for more sneak peeks from the collection!