• Denim Fit Guide ft. Deon Hinton

    New year, new basics! Deon Hinton shows us how to integrate denim into our wardrobes for the new year in four different ways. Check them out below and get ready to feel #inspired.
    Photos by Leo Chang

    Above: UO Denim Zip Overshirt 

    The UO Denim Zip Overshirt is the perfect addition to any outfit. Casual slacks and a tee? Throw on the overshirt! The layers make any outfit look a little extra special. Finish it off with a hands-free sling bag. New year, new you.

    Above: BDG Deconstructed Ice Wash Denim Overall

    The BDG Deconstructed Ice Wash Denim Overall makes getting dressed easy. Follow Deon's example and throw them on over a bold top to keep yourself from looking too "farmer in the city." And make sure you don't over-accessorize. Overalls are a lot of look so you want to keep your outfit focused. 

    Above: BDG Hooded Core Denim Trucker Jacket

    The BDG Hooded Core Denim Trucker Jacket brings the perfect amount of casual to any look. Layer it over a hoodie and finish off the look with some Vans for a laid-back look that can be worn any day of the week.

    Above: Barney Cools B. Ridgid '90s Blocked Denim Trucker

    Mix and match denim is easy with this set from UO, but this can be done in many variations. Choose a jean and a denim jacket that are in two different washes, or opt for a two-in-one deal with the Barney Cools B. Ridgid '90s Blocked Denim Trucker. We know Deon makes it all look good, but don't be afraid to experiment!

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