• Deadhead Fashion

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JERRY GARCIA! You crazy old hippie, you. (Also, RIP. Much respect. Instead of pouring out a 40, I will go shake a weed bush or something. [Sidenote: I just had to Google "does weed grow on a bush," and... I'm still not sure.])

    Anyway. There's an awesome, previously unreleased Grateful Dead concert film titled Sunshine Daydream airing at select theaters tonight. The film shows the band's 1972 concert performance in Veneta, OR, which was apparently the stuff of legend. If you're a fan of the Dead, you'll definitely want to check out if this is happening near you. And if you want to dress up like the Deadheads of yore, here's some inspiration for you. We love you, Jerry. <3 Katie

    Get the look:

    Ray-Ban Original Aviator Sunglasses

    Ecote Patchwork Dress

    Flower Crown Headwrap

    Alternative 2-Tone Patterned Henley

    Globe Dana Pool Short

    UO Striped Gym Sock

    Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Washed Men's High-Top Sneaker

    Teva Original Mush Sandal

    Nice Daze Pint Glass