• D + D DIY: Gold Leaf With A Beautiful Mess

    Dreamers + Doers highlights emerging artists, entrepreneurs, and up-and-coming ones to watch. Whether it’s starting a new business, creating something beautiful, or just daring to do things differently, we stand behind those taking steps toward something new. Our D + D DIY series brings us a unique craft from one of these talented individuals.

    Last month Elsie and Emma, the sisters and founders of A Beautiful Mess, released their second book, A Beautiful Mess Mess Happy Handmade Home. The book centers around the girls' personal homes as they take readers on a room by room guided tour, complete with tips, stories and plenty of DIY projects. This week, we wanted someone to show us the easiest way to make a cute, gold leaf accessory and knew these sisters wouldn't let us down. Below, see their DIY for a simple gold leaf planter!

    Things you’ll need:

    -ceramic planter
    -sheets of gold leaf
    -gold leaf adhesive
    -gold leaf sealer

    First, you’ll want to use a paintbrush to brush the gold leaf adhesive onto the planter in an even coat. Try not to leave any puddles of the adhesive in the cracks so it will dry evenly. The adhesive should turn from a milky color to clear as it dries. Wash the brush with soap and water when you're finished.

    Once the adhesive has turned clear (it should still feel a bit tacky), place your gold leaf sheet onto the planter with the gold side facing the planter. Use a soft bristle paintbrush on the backside of the gold leaf sheet to transfer the gold onto the adhesive. Use this method to transfer the gold leaf onto the largest and flattest portions of the planter. To fill in the smaller spaces you can peel off pieces of the gold leaf with your fingers and place those on top of the sections missed by the larger sheet. Use your dry paintbrush to smooth down and brush off any excess gold leaf that doesn’t stick to the adhesive. Try and cover as much of the planter as you can with the gold leaf and then add more adhesive to any missed spots and repeat the process until the whole planter is covered.

    Once your planter is fully covered, use a clear sealer to protect your new plant-holding friend. When the sealer has dried, you’re ready to add your plant and put your gilded planter on display! So cute!

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