• Crystal Growing: Giant Sequoia

    After spotting this crystal growing plant pack on our website, we couldn't resist adding it to our bag and checking out! Here, Katie and I followed the directions, crossed our fingers, and hoped for the best. Follow these super simple steps with your own pack and get the crazy beautiful results that we got in under 24 hours. Introducing the Giant Sequoia! —Ally

    We opened up the crystal growing pack and found all of the ingredients we needed! First, we pulled out a mini sequoia tree that was made of what we're assuming is cardboard, but the "branches" were full of color. The sequoia fits perfectly into a circular tray, which comes along with the directions and a package of CLEAR MAGIC LIQUID!

    The directions are simple and informative... probably. We didn't read them, we just went with our instincts. That's what science is all about, right? We suggest following them just in case, but we can't force you to, so just be smart and don't tell Mr. White. (Aw, too soon? We miss you, B.B.)

    Next we cut open the CLEAR MAGIC LIQUID and Katie poured it into the tray. Almost instantly, the tree began to soak it up.

    Step whatever we're on: LET 'EM GROW! Let those crystals start to form and be patient. I began seeing tiny results after a few hours, but after it hit 5PM I left for the work day, excited at what I'd find the next morning...

    TA-DA! Crystals! Beautiful, marshmellow-y crystals had grown all over my (mini) giant sequoia tree! Just look at them...

    So cool, right? WARNING: Be careful when moving your tree after the crystals have grown, as they might fall off, causing you to pick them up, squish them in your fingers and get weird magic crystal fluff on your hands. If your skin DOES come in contact with the crystals, wash your skin immediately! Possible outcome if you don't: nothing, tingling feelings, or crystals growing all over your body turning you into a full-on crystal person (think the human tree man but prettier!).