• UO DIY: Copper Indoor Swing

    We have long been enamored with Love Aesthetics' Ivania Carpio, the Dutch blogger whose signature whited-out color palette and minimalist sensibility have made her an internationally-recognized and respected voice in fashion blogging. Amid her smart observations and posts on style, home DIY, and beauty, it seems there is nothing Ivania can't put her own uniquely clean, simple, and clever spin on; her cooly minimalist aesthetic is a palette cleanser amid the noise of fashion.

    We teamed up with Ivania for a three-part blog collaboration that touches on different areas of her expertise: an exclusive interview that explores more about her thoughts on style, living with less, and finding inspiration in the everyday; a minimalist nail art project; and below, a copper and leather home DIY.


    My copper and leather swing has become the most popular seat in the living room since it's been up. It's also such an aesthetically pleasing addition to the space; made from my favorite materials white leather and shiny pink copper, it works perfectly with the rest of my living room. This piece is actually incredibly easy to make and the epitome of my new summer credo "don't forget to play." Ivania

    - leather
    - sewing machine
    - leather needle (for sewing machine)
    - strong polyester thread
    - two copper tubes, apx. 27cm
    - rope (see pictures for examples)
    - two clips and two ceiling screws (for hanging)

    1.) Take measurements. Cut out a rectangle out of the leather that measures approximately 23cm x 50cm. This can obviously be changed depending on personal size preference.

    2.) Depending on how thick your tubes are, create a hem on both ends of your leather for the tubes to go through. Don't leave any extra space but make them exactly the same width, this way the tubes will stay in place tightly. I added a double hem to mine while sewing with the polyester thread to reinforce the swing.

    3.) Put the tubes through both the hems, and put the rope through the tubes.

    4.) Hanging is probably the trickiest part. Depending on what your ceiling is like, you might have to do a little internet searching to find out which method is best for you, but we found this Apartment Therapy post to be useful when it came time to hanging. Make sure that wherever you choose to hang your swing has a sturdy, preferably wood, foundation (a doorway is a good bet, but make sure you're not screwing into drywall - that will end terribly).

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