• My High Times by Spruce


    I'm no stranger to Mary Jane. In fact, she was one of my best friend in college—even though I had to pay a lot of money to hang out with her everyday.  Even so, she was really fun, and we spent a lot of nights together, up late making weird faces into my Macbook Photo Booth. One thing we sucked at, however, was cooking. Instead of trying to make anything remotely edible, we'd eat wraps laced with ranch dressing, chips dipped in ketchup, and the occasional attempt at a marshmallow and Rice Crispies mix in the microwave.

    Since graduating from college, and loosing touch with my good old friend Mary, I got a little bit better at cooking (or at least the guys I dated did).  With my new-found abilities, I thought I'd give her a call to try out a few new recipes.  With the help of this friendly little journal called My High Times, I can now say I know how to cook with Mary Jane—all you need is some TLC, 20+ hours and a meal involving lots of LOLs.  Check out the book for a step-by-step guide to cooking with your BFF with recipes including Cannabutter and peanut butter cookies!

    Now, my friends, it's time for you to try it out on your own and incorporate your new knowledge with all the cookbooks you can find that use butter. Make it, cook it, eat it and then scribble away in your journal to remember how amazing this weekend was (even if it was all a haze). Now that's some food for thought.

    No cookbooks in sight or too in a daze to find one? See our selection below, and run to your closest Urban to make some treats in time for Saturday! —Ally

    High Time Cannabis Cookbook by Elise McDonough
    The first-ever cookbook from the kings of cannabis, High Times Magazine. Includes 50+ delicious recipes, complete with easy-to-follow instructions

    Love: Fries By Love Food Editors
    Delicious fry recipes, from hand-cut to triple-fried. Complete with topping tips & dip tricks!

    Cox, Cookies, And Cake By Patrick Cox & Eric Lanlard
    Bring the attitude of Cox Cookies and Cakes to your kitchen with 80 edgy recipes, from bejeweled cupcakes to classic Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies.