• Collaborations: Samantha Pleet & UO

    We've said it before, we'll say it again: We love Samantha Pleet. The Brooklyn designer has a knack for creating pieces that become lynchpins of our wardrobes — and this season she collaborated with UO for an exclusive capsule collection that's basically the spring uniform of our dreams. Ranging from floral printed rompers to scalloped short suits, the collection is now available online and in UO stores (!!) and is the perfect ode to our favorite season. 

    But since, you know, designing an entire collection wasn't enough for Pleet, she also teamed up with a group of her talented girlfriends from all over the country to produce the lookbook and an exclusive video for the collection. Because that's how Samantha Pleet operates (and why her work is so good): she has her hands in every part of her design process, from the initial concept of the clothing line to its production to the way the completed pieces serve to tell a bigger story. 

    The final result of the Samantha Pleet & UO collab? "Post Script," written and conceived by Samantha and directed by Sarah Sophie Flicker and Maximilla Lukacs, is a lookbook film that smartly references Internet wanderlust through the story of two cross-country pen pals (Hannah Metz and Ashley Lee) exchanging letters about their respective bicoastal experiences. Watch the exclusive video below and read on to learn more about the collection and the amazingly creative team behind it all. 
    Photos by Hannah Metz

    You've collaborated with UO before — can you talk about how this second collection came about?
    The first collaboration we did with Urban Outfitters was in 2008 — right when Space 15 Twenty opened, and we were able to curate a pop-up to explain what we were all about. It was really exciting for us because that was right when the brand was first coming together and to be able to have that platform was really great and such a fun experience. Now, nearly eight years later, we wanted to revisit the idea of a collaboration from where we are as a brand today and how much it has grown and evolved. We have so many classic pieces that we thought it would be great to put together some new designs with some of our more classic favorites, like the Tabernacle Dress, which we reworked for this to be reversible, which we've always wanted to do. 

    Can you share more about the idea behind "Post Script"?
    It was such a cold winter in New York, and we just had on our minds the juxtaposition of what we were seeing and what our West Coast LA friends were sharing of their experience of like, being on the beach in January while we were freezing and miserable. We wanted to explore the idea of how people follow what their friends are doing, everyone sees life through Instagram and photos, so even when you're far away you feel like you're there. You feel like you know what everyone is doing all the time. 

    The muse was my friend Hannah Metz (who photographed the lookbook and co-starred in the film), who has all these awesome girlfriends in LA. I've always wanted to work with them on something and thought this would be an amazing opportunity. 

    In the film, you start by looking through Hannah's eyes with her being in the cold New York winter and imagining that she's in LA with her friends and then sort of coming into this world with them. At the end of the film, the message is really this 'it's always greener' commentary about you always want to escape to a world you're not in. 

    What other materials and inspirations were you referencing with the script?
    A lot of the writing came from Joan Didion's writing about New York. The bright, dreamy, and at moments surreal look was inspired by Robert Altman's film "3 Women" and Louis Malle's "Black Moon."

    Can you share more about the creative team who worked with you on this? 
    I am a great admirer of the work of Sarah Sophie Flicker and Maximilla Lukacs who directed the film. I worked with them on my last two short films, "Arcadia" and "Visions," so you could consider this a trilogy of sorts, and they really understand my dreamy and mythical vision. The cast is also filed with people I find inspiring: artist Ariana Papademetropoulos is creating a painting throughout the film, where she incorporates Hannah into the dream worlds. In addition to Hannah [Metz] and Ashley Symone Lee, we were able to include actresses Erin Cherry and Natalie Kelly, a narration by Tennessee Thomas and Ashley Symone Lee, and create an original score by Nathaniel Walcott and Becky Stark of Lavender Diamond. 

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