• Coachella: Day Negative-One

    The Thursday before Coachella is basically one long pre-game to get ready for three days of festival fun. Driving in from Los Angeles, we made some requisite stops at In-N-Out, where a burger, fries and a shake officially announced to our stomachs that we had arrived in California.

    The Cabazon Dinosaurs. We weren't going to pay to get in, but then the promise of 'robotic dinosaurs' made us pony up the $7.95 admission fee really fast. Check out our Vine for shots of them in action. 

    After that, our first 'official' Coachella stop was the Filter Yacht Club Kick-Off Party, which featured live sets from St. Lucia and Penguin Prison in a dreamy setting around a small lake (idea: next year guys, remote control boat races?) and some DJs who won us over by showing a fondness for Stevie Nicks. 

    We also bonded with Filter's online editor, Bailey Pennick, who became our new BFF when she showed off her 'Bluth Company' iphone case. There's always money in the banana stand, right, Bailey?—Kate