• Closet Project: Shawna Ferguson

    Take a look inside the closets of some of our most fashion-forward employees.  Here we meet up with Shawna Ferguson in her South Philly apartment to check out her amazing collection of vintage finds and thrifted goodies.

    Introduce yourself!
    Hi! I’m Shawna Ferguson, I’m a freelance stylist for women's apparel in the Urban Outfitters web studio. It’s fun. If it’s on the website, I’ve steamed it!

    How do you choose what to wear in the morning?
    I don’t plan ahead of time, I’ll just grab something I haven’t worn in a while. I might put on three pairs of pants before I find what I want to wear. Then other times it’s super easy. But I do name my outfits.

    Can you tell us some names?
    Well some days I want to be “Sexy Secretary”. Or “Coke Goth” which is a combination between club and goth. This dress reminds me of super early ‘90s Halle Berry. I got this from a vintage store in Hamden, Baltimore. 

    Are most of your clothes vintage?
    Everything I own except for shoes, I thrift. When I travel, the first thing I do is open the phone book and look up every Salvation Army. I was just in New Mexico with a friend and I was like, okay we’re taking at least one day and driving to every thrift store we can find. 

    Did you find anything good out there?
    There was a Goodwill outside of Santa Fe where everything from a ‘90s Delia’s catalog went to die. I got this and I haven’t decided what I’m going to wear this with yet. I know I’ve seen this in a Delia’s catalog no doubt.

    Where do you thrift when you’re in Philadelphia?

    I’m old-school when it comes to thrifting and we have a saying, “Don’t spread the seed.” As far as all out thrift, I can’t do it, but there are some I can share.
    1. Retrospect on South Street. It’s a cherry picked good will. You can go there any day of the week and find something awesome.
    2. Wilbur down on fabric row. He always has really great men’s stuff. It’s hard to find good men’s vintage! I got these creepers there a few years ago. (Above)
    3. On Third street, Vagabond, in the back they always have really good vintage and really cute new stuff.

    Do you sell any of your clothes?
    I used to sell on Ebay, I had a store called Lady Hips. I would also do flea markets and a couple of bands would always invite me to set up next to their merch tables at shows. Then I started doing it by appointment because I didn’t have time to do the whole internet thing. It was like personal shopping, which I love. Selling took up so much time, but I miss it, so I decided I’m to start an Etsy store. It’s going to be called Slouch in honor of my horrible posture. I’ve got the worst posture in town. 

    Is it hard getting rid of some things?
    Clothes have always been kind of disposable to me because I spend such little money on them. So after I wear something once, it becomes boring to me then. There are a handful of things I can’t part with.

    Like what?
    This dress, I don’t even wear it anymore. I don’t wear a ton of incredible feminine things, but I found this dress vintage and it’s so amazing. I can just absolutely not part with this. I’ll eventually sell it but I’m like, ‘Maybe I’ll wear this one more time.’ 

    Are you saving it for a special event?

    I actually have a philosophy that you shouldn’t wait for a special event to wear the things you want to wear. I like to feel like every day is an occasion. If you want to wear it, wear it!

    What are some of your favorite things you own?
    I got these shoes from Urban, which I’m obsessed with. They go with everything. I’ve been living in them. When I was in New Mexico and I was walking through the desert in these. Urban has really great shoes. Shoes and sunglasses are my weakness, and hats. Hats are a huge thing.

    Can you show us your favorite hat?
    I got this at a thrift store in London. I love it, it makes me think of Queen Latifah. I started working as a filmmaker so I did costuming for film, and I directed my own stuff. For me there’s always a reference point or some celebrity that I thought was really cool as a kid. I thought Queen Latifah was fucking awesome.

    How would you describe the way you dress?

    I try dressing like a grownup, and my goal one day is to be really chic, but I’ve ended up looking like the cool teenagers I knew when I was a kid.

    Where can we find you on the web?
    My blog is called Peggy Confetti.  Alpha Girls is a movie I was in that shot this summer. I played a sorority girl and it was my first time on the other side of the camera. (I actually made it to the trailer! I'm at 1:51 eating guts and orgasmically moaning. If you blink you will miss it!) I also gogo dance for a monthly party at the Barbary called Bouffant Bangout.

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